Yorkshire Cottage 18

Yorkshire Cottage Claddagh Rings

Yorkshire Cottage 18

Another two years have passed. There is a party about to begin.
Friends and relatives gathered at the York Farmhouse. Today was Graduation Day for Margo. She was eighteen and ready for the Forest Stewardship Program of the U.S. Forest service. What she did not know was that all her hard work over the years now gave her full scholarship along with room and board. Max will not make it to the graduation but he will be at the Farmhouse for the celebration.
Max, now age twenty worked as a Forest fire lookout. His main responsible was observing and reporting fire and smoke in his assigned area. For the last two years he worked for the Forest service. He had to be knowledgeable about weather systems, fire weather, and fire behavior. He used binoculars, topographic maps, compasses, and the Osborne Firefinder to identify the approximate location, size, and characteristics of smokes and fires. He had communicate with the outside world he used two-way radios or cell phones. These modern conveniences were used to communicate with rangers, dispatchers and fellow lookouts. Once a week he would send a message to Margo and his parents saying all is A-Ok.
He was busy all the time and barely got his studies in on his laptop. The only humans he ever saw were hikers that visited the fire tower.
Right now he was working part time with five days on and two days off.
Since he was an only child he continued to live at home with his parents. He enjoyed that aspect because he still wished to be a minister. It was the fact that he also wanted to live in a forest setting also in the future. At least he had a good job and was making money. He asked his parents to take money for room and board but they said they did not need or want any money. Max had an older model Jeep that was in excellent shape. It got him to work in the remote places just fine.

After graduation services family, friends and neighbors gathered at the Grandparents farm for refreshments. Max had made it to the farm. He stopped at a local truck stop and took a nice shower then changed into slacks and shirt. A big pot of Sunflowers in his jeep for Margo. They hugged and talked about the ceremony.

Grandfather and Max were off to the side talking.

“I see you are filling out in the muscle department Max. When you were a skinny little kid and Margo told me some day she was going to marry you I felt sorry for you.”

“Margo helped me out eight years ago telling me to stand up to those bullies. I listened to that little ten year old with the high heels. I always wondered why her teachers in school did not forbid her wearing heels most of the time.” laughed Max.

Grandmother showed up and said: “ Our Margo comes from a long line of women in the family who will challenge a you can not or you are not allowed!”

The Grandparents gave Margo a new laptop computer for her studies, A camera from her parents and many paper pads and pens from her two sisters. Margo would be at her campus Sunday night to Friday night. She had a small room by herself. Another girl was to share a room with her but opted out to share a bigger room with three other girls. Margo was actually secretly happy as she needed peace and quiet to study. Max’s parents had surprised her with a scanner saying if she did not want to listen to the scans there was also a station with news and music.
Max kidded her and said if sh ever heard Maxi Owl on the scanner it was him.
Margo and Max wanted to go down to the forest and see Margo’s woods. They asked Cheryl and Cindy Lou to come with them. Cheryl brought her sketch pad and Cindy Lou her little medical bag as a just in case.
The four of them had a nice time. Cheryl found some toadstools to draw and Cindy Lou found a butterfly caught in a spider web. She decided to release the butterfly and place a dead bug in the web for the spiders dinner.
They walked over to the York Motel. Max said he had a gift for everyone. “During my small amount of spare time I make little bracelets and necklaces to give to the hikers. They take them home to their children or other children as a souvenir of the forest. I have one for Cheryl and one for Cindy Lou.

“What about Margo?” asked Cindy Lou.

“ Cindy Lou I did not make one for Margo. Instead I got her a Claddagh Ring. I also have one for myself. I asked your parents if I could ask you to wear one from me. It is a symbol of love friendship and loyalty. It is your decision and if you are ready I will present it to you with your best two sisters as witness.”

“Yes, Max I think we are ready to show the world we will be married in three years. Yes I accept the ring.”
Max put the ring on her finger. He then gave her his ring and she put it on his finger. The both lifted each others ring finger hand and kissed them softly. Max was beet red and Margo a slight pink.
The two bestess ever sisters said: “ let’s race home to the party.”

It was a magical setting. Margo could live here forever

©Julia A Knaake


Yorkshire Cottage 17

Yorkshire Cottage Bella

Yorkshire Cottage 17

Four summers have come and gone. Margo was now age sixteen. She was at her grandparents with her parents, sisters, Aunt Ka and Max.
This Saturday was a special day because she had finally paid for her property. Glen and Audrey Martin were to meet them for the official handing over of the property to Margo. It was a family ceremony Margo had awaited for with excitement. Max only told Grandfather and Glen his surprise for Margo. He had a few friends in his karate classes who’s relatives that worked for the forestry service. They would be in Margo’s forest via Glen and Audrey’s attached land. A surprise ribbon and certificate of a Junior Forest Stewardship Program of the U.S. Forest service.

The surprise went off well. The forestry officials were very impressed in all that Margo had accomplished in the four years. One lady was especially impressed as to how Margo had planned how the water to her forest was set up.

“You have thought out your plan so well using natural methods. You do not take away from your neighboring forests either. We also like the fact that nothing looks groomed but we see that you have groomed just in a natural way. We see droppings from many different animals also. Margo you are on your way to becoming a manager of the Forest Stewardship Program of the U.S. Forest service. When you graduate high school we will present you with a small scholarship.” said the director.
Everyone clapped saying bravo. Bravo. Max even gave Margo a quick hug and a hand squeeze. Margo was very pleased. She had a year and a half of high school left and quite a sum of money in the bank saved for her future.

Everyone was invited over to Grandfather and Grandmother’s York Motel in the adjoining forest for cupcakes and ice cream. The forest crew were also impressed with this forest as well. One man, Jonathan, said he had never seen three private forests looking so well taken care of in his whole career which was so far only twenty years.

“Many people own the land privately but do not take care of their land. You three owners not only take care of your land but you preserve it to the natural state.” said Jonathan.

Cheryl was now twelve and doing well on her sketching. She still drew fashion models but changed over to babies and young children.
“The older women and men models are always portrayed as super thin. They are very unrealistic to real people. My art teacher said I should stick to young children. In fact I actually sold a few pencil drawings to a couple of teachers. My Art teacher, Mr Dell showed me a photo of his new baby. I drew a picture of baby Maria and gave it to him. The next day he asked me to meet him in the office after recess. I knew I was not in any trouble so I went and he introduced me to his wife and baby Maria.” said Cheryl.

“ My husband brought home this beautiful drawing of Maria yesterday. Today I went to the store with my mother and bought a frame. You have such a talent dear Cheryl. I want to thank you so much for the drawing.” said Mrs. Dell.” Cheryl thanked her and even got to hold the baby a few minutes.

Cindy Lou was ten by now and during the summer she volunteered at the local vet office one day a week. She mostly walked the small shy dogs on a leash in a dog run where no other animal was allowed. One of the vet’s assistants was always with her attending to the animals. Cindy had a chart in the office stating how well she tended to the animal.
A customer saw the chart and asked if Cindy Lou was there more than one day a week.

The vet said no only one day and that varied.
“You see Cindy Lou is age ten and a volunteer. I can not pay her and she always has an assistant with her. I only allow her to walk the small shy dogs within the dog run. Our dear Cindy Lou has wanted to be a Veterinarian for years. My Uncle Martin asked if she could be of any help. I said yes and am so happy she is here.”

“Glen Martin? My parents always brought their animals to him. When I married and moved away he was not in practice. People told me to come to you. Ever since little Cindy Lou has been walking our little “ Bella” she seems to be getting over her shyness. She does not run and hid under our bed when our doorbell rings. She goes to the kitchen and peeks around the corner. If it is a friend Bella comes out and sits right next to me.” replied the customer.

The girls were still visiting their grandparents and Aunt Ka whenever their parents took a vacation. Margo had learned to drive. Grandmother was a fine teacher. Margo did not want a car but her parents put her on their insurance and allowed her to use their old truck. She did not use it a lot but the fact that she drive was handy for her parents. Sometimes when they were unable to fetch one of the other girls from a school or church function Margo would pick up her sisters. All three girls were turning into interesting individuals.

It was a magical setting. Margo could live here forever.

©Julia A Knaake

Yorkshire Cottage 16

Yorkshire Cottage carpetbag.jpg

Yorkshire Cottage 16
“Well Cindy Lou, I think if you continue your wish to become a veterinarian you will be a successful one. It is a long hard study and you are on the right tract. I will ask some of my friends if they could part with a few books on the subject for you.” replied Dr Martin.
“That would be wonderful Dr Martin. I am trying to find a book now on the bone structures of elephants, hippopotamus and giraffe. I am six and a half so I have lots of time to study the bones of animals. Dr Martin did you ever see the bone structure of a giraffe?” asked Cindy Lou.
“There are certain characteristics of giraffe necks give them a flexibility like a Slinky. The first feature is the way that the vertebrae in the neck, called the cervical vertebrae, are joined together.” said Dr Martin.
Cindy Lou sat with full attention at the picnic table listening to Dr Martin speak.
“Remember that giraffes have seven of these bones, just like we do. A giraffe cervical vertebrae are bound together with ball-and-socket joints
. These are the kinds of joints that link your arm with your shoulder and offer a 360-degree range of motion. Also, the joint between its neck and skull allows the giraffe to extend its head almost completely perpendicular to the ground.” answered Dr Martin.
Audrey gave her husband a look then said: The others are having ice cream. They will be out here needing the table Professor Martin.”
Dr Martin squeezed his wife’s hand saying: “Guess I got carried away with a six and a half year old’s questions. It is so refreshing to have a youngster ask questions. I noticed the three girls do not have hand held devices with games. They probably do not watch a lot of TV either. I’ll bet they read a lot also. They are such a joy to speak to. Such refreshing youngsters.”
Rebecca and Samuel were due back in two days. Aunt Ka and the girls were planning a home coming for them. Also the girls were busy packing their suitcases with most of their clothes. Grandmother had a small satchel she called a carpetbag filled with all of the new clothes they had made. The girls decided to keep the “rag” skirts out to wear when their parents returned.
Cheryl asked Grandmother why is it called a carpet bag. “ I am not sure of the official reason it is called a carpet bag. Let’s look it up and see the official explanation in Wikipedia. Grandmother loves looking things up. Here it is: A carpet bag is a traveling bag made of carpet, commonly from an oriental rug. They were a popular form of luggage in the United States and Europe in the 19th century. Some modern versions serve as handbags or purses.” Grandmother read from her laptop.
The girls were always encouraged to look up things on that old laptop. They used it often as did their Mother Rebecca when she was growing up at the farm.
Cheryl and Margo were upstairs busily wrapping two lap robes for Grandmother and Grandfather. They also made two cotton cord pot holders for Aunt Ka. Cindy Lou made little decorations for the doors with nutshells and ribbon. They used the comic section of the newspaper for wrapping paper.
Aunt Ka came over for dinner and to stay over for fun and game night.
Grandmother made her famous “Stone Soup” for dinner while Aunt Ka made a lovely cornbread.
While eating Cindy Lou asked why it was called “Stone Soup”?
Grandfather said: “When the two of us are here alone sometimes we freeze the leftover vegetables into a quart freezer bag. When it is cold or if someone visits unexpected I or Grandmother will go to the freezer and pick out one of these bags of frozen vegetables. One day I kidded Grandmother that I would go get a bag or two of the frozen stones while she put on the broth with or without meat. That’s how we came up with Stone Soup”.
“We love grandmother’s Stone Soup and Aunt Ka’s cornbread.” said Cindy Lou.
After dinner but before the games and singing the three girls brought out their gifts.
Margot said: “We want to show our appreciation and love to our Grandparents and our Aunt Ka. We three made these gifts for you all.”
All the gifts were appreciated.
Soon Grandfather, with a big grin went to the piano and played a Christmas song saying Christmas was only three months away:
I’ll Be Home for Christmas
I’ll be home for Christmas
You can plan on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents on the tree

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I’ll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

I’ll be home for Christmas
You can plan on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents on the tree

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I’ll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams
If only in my dreams

It was a magical setting. Margo could live here forever.

©Julia A Knaake

Yorkshire Cottage 15

yorkshire cottage 14
Yorkshire Cottage 15

“Grandmother the quilt is beautiful. I wish I had a hope chest. I would put one item in it every Christmas. Then when I am twenty one I would have a nice chest of wonderful items to start a new life.” said Margo.
“Well, dear I happen to have two hope chests. One was mine and one was Grandfather’s mothers. I still have items in mine from when your Ma Ma was a baby. I think until you get your chest we could store your quilt in the chest next to the window where Grandfather likes to read. He will not mind as it is empty.”
Together Grandmother and Granddaughter took the quilt up to the chest.
Cindy Lou was excited while waiting for Dr Martin and his wife Audrey.
She brought Gizmo’s brush and comb outside so she could groom him. She had a paper bag to place the hair and the burrs. Later Grandfather would burn the bag with he other burnables. When the ashes were cold they were placed in a special place at the end of the garden. When Fall ended and the start of Winter came those ashes went into the new garden to be used in the Spring.
“Hello Cindy Lou we are here to look at our patients.” called Glen and Audrey. Audrey went into see Grandmother and Aunt Ka. Grandfather and Margo went out to see about the patients.
“Well Cindy Lou, let’s look at Dovie first.” said Glen. He and Cindy Lou looked over the dove and she looked well enough to release.
“Let’s look at Nutty next.” said Dr. Martin. He showed Cindy Lou how to unroll the bandage from the splints. Nutty was calm in Cindy Lou’s hands. Dr Martin examined the leg then showed Cindy Lou how to massage the leg and feel for any breaks.
“Let’s see Nutty walk now. Cindy Lou let him down on the floor gently. See if he will scurry over to that nut next to the wastebasket.”
She did that and Nutty went right to the nut and started eating.
The two wild animals were ready to release. After lunch they would walk to the woods together and release the animals.
Grandfather had a surprise for Margo. “ Max and his parents will join us for lunch. After we will take them out to see your property. Max and I cooked this up together. He will grow up to be a fine young man someday.”
Max, almost twelve, gave the blessing:
Loving God, bless all those gathered here today
as we come together in friendship and fellowship.
Thank you for the blessings of our individual
and collective God-given gifts.

Place in our hearts the desire to make a difference
to our families, to our community, to our country,
and to the many cultures and peoples worldwide.
Give us balance in times of distraction and uncertainty.

Help us move towards our goals with determination
and always with an abundant sense of humor.
Thank you for food in a world where many know only hunger;
For our faith in a world where many know fear;

For friends in a world where many know only loneliness.
Please bless this food we are about to share, those who prepared it, those who serve it,
and those who have worked to make today the special occasion that it is.
For all of this we give you thanks.
“Max, my son that was an excellent prayer. When did you learn this prayer?” asked Pastor Riley.
“ When I was in Maine I not only learned French but also learned prayers. I was thinking of becoming a pastor like you Father.”
Pastor Riley beamed. They all went down towards the forest to release the animals.
Grandmother and Aunt Ka stayed home to keep Gizmo inside the house. The others all walked down to the forest. Nutty was hidden in Dr Martin’s shirt and his wife had Dove on her chest covered with the kerchief. When they reached the forest the animals were released.
Nutty went off to meet the other squirrels while Dovie flew off into the trees with the other birds. They all sang on the way home.
The purple bamboo

The sweet nightingale

The Walloping Window blind

The waggle taggle gypsies

There ain’t no bugs on me

There was a good old woman

There was a man and he was mad

There were three jolly fishermen

There once was a sow

There’s a fox in a box

There was a monkey

There’s a hole in my bucket

There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea

There’s a little wheel a-turning

There’s a sun for the morning

There’s someone living on a big high hill

There was a big fish

This little light of mine

Three jolly rogues of Lynn

Three men went a-hunting

Tiptoe, tiptoe dinosaur

Tozie Mozie

Treading the water wheel


Turn on the sun
It was a magical setting. Margo could live here forever.

©Julia A Knaake

Yorkshire Cottage 14


Yorkshire Cottage 14

Soon it would be time for the girls parents to return from their vacation. Today was Sunday and everyone was getting ready for church.
The girls had stayed at Aunt Ka’s for two days. They were helping her out with yard work and boxing up items for the church Bazaar sale this Sunday after church. The girls worked hard and actually expected no money from helping.

“I know you did all this work helping me and do not want money. I will thank each of you for your help. Now I am giving each of you fifteen dollars for buying fun stuff at the bazaar. Our church can use the money and you can each buy something you want or need. I am going to purchase items I will later use as Christmas gifts. You see, I help the church and the church helps others.” said Aunt Ka.

Sunday morning Grandfather and Grandmother pulled up to Aunt Ka’s and loaded her Bazaar items.

“Today we will all ride in the big truck to church. We will have room for all of us. After church we can look at Bazaar items. I see Aunt Ka has made a wonderful sausage gravy over biscuits for us.”
Margo said morning prayer:
Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light, to guard, to rule, and guide.
Breakfast eaten and dishes washed the crew was off to breakfast.
After church services the congregation assembled in a small meeting room for coffee, juices and a light snack. Finally an announcement came over the intercom that the bazaar was open.
Grandfather told the girls and Aunt Ka they would have to be at the entrance of the church at three.
“Audrey and Glen will be at our house around four. Dr Martin wants to check on Cindy Lou’s patients.”
Margo thought of what Aunt Ka had said about using her money as Christmas gifts. She walked around the tables and picked out items she thought were suitable. Soon a pair of hands from behind covered her eyes gently. “Guess who is home from Maine?” said Max.
“Max. What happened to you? Your arms are so big. You have different glasses.” said Margo giving Max a big hug.
“I just had a spurt of growth as my Uncle said. I did have to help him a lot in Maine. He broke his leg and did not do well stacking wood for winter and other chores. I helped my Aunt a lot also. Listen and see if I say correctly.” asked Max. Max then spoke French while Margot repeated in English:
“Tu m’as beaucoup manqué.” said a smiling Max
“I have missed you a lot.” replied a grinning Margo
“Comment étaient tes vacances d’été.“ said a smiling Max
“How was your summer vacation.” replied a grinning Margo
“tu m’as tellement manqué.” said a smiling Max

I missed you so much.” replied a grinning Margo

Grandfather clapped and said: “Bravo! français parfait.”

Margo and Max together said: ”Bravo! perfect French.”

Margo introduced Max to Grandfather. She told them both she had to go speak to Grandmother for advice. “Max would you have time to talk to Grandfather for about fifteen minutes? I will be back because I want to tell you some great news.”

Max said sure and Grandfather said to meet them near the hot dog display because he needed some coffee.

Margo went to see Grandmother to ask her what she thought of her purchases.

“They are very well thought out. I cannot see what is in the bag for me but I am sure it will be something I will also like. You were wise in your purchases. You say you have two dollars left so why not buy a ticket for the beautiful quilt made by the ladies of the church Quilt Club? They work hard and produce beautiful quilts. Grandfather and I donated twenty dollars for the quilt. If we win we will use it as a gift for one of our less fortunate friends.” said Grandmother.

Meanwhile Grandfather had an interesting talk with Max. It seemed he did quite a lot of work for his Aunt and Uncle up in Maine this summer. In the evenings his Aunt,a former language teacher, taught him French. He did meet up to Grandfather’s standards to becoming a future grandson! Margo returned as Grandfather and Max were being served coffee. “I got a coffee for you also Margo. Now I’m going to go mingle a bit while you tell Max your great news. I will be back in fifteen minutes hoping everybody has assembled for the ride back home. Remember Dr Martin will be there soon to check on Nutty and Dovie. We have to make sure they are well before we release them back into the wild.”
Margo told Max about her property purchase.
“I want you to come see it when Mother and Father return from vacation.”
Taking Margo’s hand Max squeezed a small box into her hand.

“Go ahead Auntie sent it to you. I told her about us and showed her the picture of you and your sisters. Auntie had two sisters but they have gone to live with Jesus. She said she hoped to meet you some day. She wanted you to have this Pink Tourmaline Bracelet with watermelon tourmaline crystal. It is a heart chakra bracelet made from watermelon tourmaline stone.” said Max.
Grandfather saw the gift and said it was a beauty. Max explained his Auntie and Uncle had no children so they gave it to him to give to Margo.
“Well we are all here and it’s time to go see Dr Martin.”

Grandmother had an extra box.
“ Dear Margo you won the quilt. I had your ticket and you won.”
It was a magical setting. Margo could live here forever.                                               ©Julia A Knaake


Sour heart.png







©Julia A Knaake

Yorkshire Cottage 13

Cindy Lou yorkshire 13







Yorkshire Cottage 13

The next day Grandfather and Glen went into town with Margo. They saw Ernie Stein. They drew up a legal contract for the purchase of that center forest strip. The amount would be $2,000. as full price. Margo would be legal owner when the property was paid off or when she reached twenty one. Grandfather would be the purchaser and the responsible adult at this time.
Margo had a mortgage payment book and must make a minimum payment of $10.00 per month. Grandfather also must make a payment of $10.00 per month. Margo was allowed to make extra payments on her book but not Grandfather nor was he allowed to giver her money. The whole deal was to teach Margo to be responsible. She did receive $20.00 per month as allowance. If she took half her allowance she would be able to make payment. Meanwhile Grandfather and Glen were making sure that the strip of land would not be sold to an outsider to develop a place for buildings. This would remain a forest.

Now Grandfather must meet that young man, Max, that wanted to marry his granddaughter in eleven years. He had better meet up to Grandfather and Grandmother’s standards!
Glen stopped in at the local vet’s office to pick up some supplies and a small bag for Cindy Lou. Nothing that would hurt Cindy Lou or her future animal patients. He included pamphlets that would help her. He stopped off at the bookstore and purchased a child’s book on being a vet.
Grandfather picked up some art paper and colored pencils for Cheryl.
They also stopped at the grocery for more milk and whipping cream. He saw that cocoa was on sale so he called home asking if he should buy any. Grandmother said yes they could use a couple of containers plus she needed another two pounds of butter.

When they returned home the three of them entered the kitchen and told Grandmother and Audrey about the visit to the lawyer. Margo asked if she could have a place in the office desk to keep her payment book.
Meanwhile Grandfather and Glen went outside to the shop. There was a large sign saying Door locked. Bird in therapy. Please knock first.

The two men looked at each other with wide smiles. They knocked. Waited just a moment then Cheryl opened the door. She and Cindy each were wearing one of Grandfather’s white shirts that were too tight for him. “Grandmother said we could use these shirts for uniforms. We were now exercising “Dovie” He or she is doing well. No flapping wings or trying to fly but he or she is using their legs and eating a bit if cracked corn and drinking water. Here is the chart on Dovie if you would like to look Dr Martin. My assistant and I will put the bird back into the cage. I did not touch Mr Squirrel. Only looked into his cage.” replied Cindy Lou in a very professional voice.
Glen took a look at the squirrel and said his leg was healing nicely.

“I am glad you and your assistant are taking good care of the animals. You are also keeping your chart in order. I like that you have dated the chart and added the time.”

“It was my sister’s idea to date and add the time. I was excited about tending to the animals I forgot that part.”

“Yes, Cindy but you did not forget about tending to them. I forgot all about that because I was drawing Dovie. When Mr Squirrel is up to coming out of his holding cage I would like to draw him also.” said Cheryl.

After a delicious lunch Grandfather went to the piano to play Noah’s Ark:
Noah’s Ark
Thank You God for this fine day
Bless all the children of the world
And thank You for the plants
And the animals
Bring me sweet dreams tonight
And help me be good tomorrow
Noah’s ark came to my house one day
With all his animals
And he took me away
Noah’s ark came to my house one day
With all his animals
And he took me away
Thank You God for this fine day
Bless all the children of the world
And thank You for the plants
And the animals
Bring me sweet dreams tonight
And help me be good tomorrow
Noah’s ark came to my house one day
With all his animals
And he took me away
Noah’s ark came to my house one day
With all his animals
And he took me away
Thank You God for this fine day
Bless all the children of the world
And thank You for the plants
And the animals
Bring me   sweet dreams tonight
Source: Cocorosie and Musixmatch

It was a magical setting. Margo could live here forever.

©Julia A Knaake