She Walks In Confidence 12

She Walks In Confidence 12

She Walks In Confidence 12
The next day Rosie spent the day with Pamela and Robert. They were going to go visit Rupert in hospital. She asked if Naomi could come along to show them where the sights were. Her parents agreed. Robert had rented an auto to get them around town. The only car they had was a jeep and it was a stick drive.
“We will not have a manual drive in until this afternoon.” said the attendant.
“I can drive a stick but I’m too young to have a license. Why not have Rosie drive. You ought to have seen her up on the flats where the plane was stuck! ” piped up Naomi.

Robert sneered “Rosie? You are now called Rosie? My word. How quaint.”

Pamela clapped her hands saying:
“Never mind my husband the stuffed shirt. Rosie I’m very proud of you. Let’s have you drive today. I know we’ll have a fun day.”

Rosie all signed in for one day’s driving took off out of the lot carefully. When she had driven a few miles Robert started in on the lecture of driving too fast, too close. Anything else he could think of to be a backseat pain in the arse.
They were driving in the direction of the hospital when Naomi asked Rosie to take a right turn. They were going down a bumpy dirt road.
Rosie looked at Naomi who gave her the thumbs up. They reached an open field. Two boys were there with an older jeep. Naomi spoke to them. She talked to Rosie. Rosie said yes. She asked Pamela for ten dollars. They paid the boys a total of twenty dollars.

Naomi knew the boys and they gave Pamela and Robert the drag race of their life! Pamela laughed the whole time while Robert turned white as a sheet.

Naomi thanked the boys and they took off gingerly to the hospital.

The story was repeated to Rupert who laughed so robustly the nurses came in to see if he was in any

After seeing Rupert the four went for lunch at a local outside Greek cafe that was suggested by Naomi. The food was delicious. They returned the jeep to the car rental. Robert got himself a Buick and was quite content to drive. He never again complained about Rosie’s driving.
Back at Rosemary’s by the Sea Robert pulled into the parking lot of the unit where they were staying.
He got out and started wiping off the car of dust.
The ladies saw Bill and Jack were busy white washing the fence at the unit next to the office.
Both men donned straw hats.
“Rosemary thinks the two of us are related to Tom Sawyer!” laughed Bill.

“Now hold still. This is so funny. Best thing I’ve seen all day. I have to get a picture of you two.” said Rosie.

“ I rather think the best thing I’ve seen all day is my husband get outmaneuvered by a woman in driving skills.”said Pamela.

The two men looked dumbfounded. Pamela said let’s go sit at the table and let Rosemary and Cynthia in on our adventures of the day. Pamela told the story and embellished and exaggerated on every detail she could at the expense of her dear husband.

Saturday the men cooked lunch all day. It was Bar B Q days. They dressed in their western clothing and some locals they knew would bring their guitars and sing and play all day or their lunches.
Rosemary, Cynthia, Rosie and Naomi took to the yard sales of the day. There were plenty going on. The clothes were cheap. Rosie found some beautiful Pendleton Skirts.
“They are not outdated. Why do people get rid of these skirts. I know this one cost eighty dollars. I have one at home just like it. They are asking two dollars!”

“They want new. The old clothes are sold and out of the way so they go buy new clothes. Not as well made but new for a while. A vicious circle. I have clothes that I bought ten years ago. They are well made and when I tire of them they go in a trunk with Lavender sachets. I reuse my clothes until I tire of them.” said Rosemary.

Rosie said she did the same thing with her clothes.
“I’m going to go through some of my shoes and boots when I get back home. My special diet for gout from Cynthia has made my feet less swollen. Who knows perhaps some of those shoes at home will still fit.
I’ll still show the items to Naomi for the Honeybee closet before I send them to you.” said Rosie with a big smile.

Naomi found some sheet music and the vendor said to take it all for one dollar. Naomi asked Rosie who said to grab it.
The ladies returned home happy with their purchases. Bill was happy he had put a big long rack up on top the Nomad.

She had a vivid imagination and would carry it on for the rest of her life.

©Julia A Knaake

Searching With Cristina 97

Searching With Cristina 97
Kathleen and the other ladies came back the next week to see Mary Meerschaum.
“You sure have straightened up and walk with a spring in your step, Mary, and your hair is shiny and bright. Did you dye your hair?” asked Kathleen.
“ It’s the acupuncture treatments that have taken my back pain away and my spring in my step is from keeping up with John and Lola because they are such happy and carefree children living with someone who loves them.
Never ever have I dyed my hair! It is getting shiny because now I can reach above my head with a hairbrush.” sharply said Mary Meerschaum.
Kathleen’s face turned a bit red but she went on gossiping about that smart ass Delia who wanted to get the authorities to allow her to foster care for John and Lola so she could make some easy big bucks.
“She’s got a dumpster out in her front yard tossing garbage in it left and right. She tried to get some of the local teens to help her but last time they helped her she never paid them so they just walked away laughing.
Her husband, George, works all day and stops over at Iris Smiths for dinner. Some say Iris gives him“special dessert” on the side also.
He has been known to fall asleep in a big overstuffed chair at Iris’s house too because you can see him sleeping there through the window.
George pays all the bills now because Delia was using the money gambling. They almost lost their home because she never paid the bills with the money that George gave her.
Delia ranted about that but he will not give her money except for food.

She’s determined to try to do you in and say you’re too old and unfit to care for two children. That Delia might pull that off once she cleans up her house and yard and has suitable rooms for John and Lola. ” said Kathleen.
When Kathleen left Mary Meerschaum was worried again about the authorities taking the children away from her and when she saw Queen Cristina and Abby she told them. This time Abby told her to never worry about that happening because she had a friend of hers expediting the paperwork for her to be the sole guardian of the children and no one would ever take the children away from her.
Queen Cristina told MaryMeerschaum to not speak of what Abby was doing until Abby told her it was official and all papers were signed that she was the legal guardian.
Star, Cristina, Elvin and Queen Cristina were all outside at the Brite ‘s sitting at the picnic table having a cool glass of Lavender ice tea.
Star told her mother the thing she missed most was that she never got to see Cristina growing in her childhood. The birthday parties, playing with other children, her sports activities and so forth.
“Well I have a surprise for the two of you then because I knew I would see you someday so whenever I was here in Upper World I would bring my camera film and have the pictures processed. They were all of Cristina and her friends and Auntie Star.
I have them all at home and no one has ever seen them with the exception of Cousin Mary and Auntie Star~Lite. When you return home you will see eighteen years of the history and growth of Cristina” said Queen Cristina.
“Grandmother was that little box you kept in your big sweater a camera? I saw you with it but thought it best to not ask.” said an excited Cristina.
“Yes dear and I always knew we would find your parents so when we all go back the three of you will have a treat looking at those pictures.”said Grandmother.
Star, Elvin, Gabi and Cristina all met Thomas up at his grandparents home on the reservation. Thomas introduced everyone to his girlfriend, Melissa. She was a delightful lady with a slight limp. Melissa told Cristina and Jasmine that she had fallen off a horse and that the horse had dragged her about two miles and her leg had been badly broken.
Her doctor thought she would never walk again but with the help of Thomas she learned to walk. Melissa was staying with the grandparents until Thomas saved enough money to build a house for them and then they would be married.
Elvin and Star looked at each other smiling then laughed. Everyone was quite puzzled.
Elvin told them that when Star and he decided to move on to another adventure Thomas and Melissa could have their Pink Roundhouse lock stock and barrel plus there was an elevator inside to use on those days Melissa did not want to walk upstairs.
“But what about Gabi and Cristina? Won’t they want your house? Asked Thomas.
“No our future son-in-law has already built a home for them to live in when they are married.”
“Then what about their two friends Alfred and Jasmine”? Asked Thomas.
“No they will be living nextdoor to Cristina and myself because Alfred has built a home forJasmine and himself to live in after they are married.” said Gabi
“So that is settled, you and Melissa will marry after we go on our next adventure.” said Star.
Thomas and Melissa beamed and the grandparents looked at Cristina and winked a knowing wink.
The grandfather mumbled, “Thepuzzle is starting to piece together.”
Cristina smiled.
©Julia A Knaake

Searching With Cristina 96

Searching With Cristina 96
During the next four weeks Cristina spent all the time she could getting reunited with her parents and Gabi even took Elvin out to a few of his job sites. Elvin came back to Star full of vim and vigor.
Star told Queen Cristina their future son-in-law was so good for Elvin that the doctor in charge of Elvin’s depression told her he was cutting the medication down to half dose and if Elvin continued to improve he would discontinue the medicine for good.
The doctor also commented on Elvin’s physical body:
“Mrs. Brite is Elvin exercising or running laps? His body tone is buffing up, his skin is getting a beautiful coloring and I see sparkling eyes where before they were dull, dark and hollow.” said Dr. Palmer.
Star told Dr Palmer that Elvin just had a reason to live and had been out on the jobs with his future son-in-law and started out helping pick up some of the recycle pieces on the job sites citing the work was good for him. He slept well at night and was eating twice as much as before. The Brite house was finally happy again.
Queen Cristina on the other hand was spending a lot of time with her daughter Star and Abby when she had time off work.
Star and her Mother in reality were checking out how Abby was doing in Upper World. They told Abby the place they came from, down South, was not at all like where they were here in the state of Arizona.
“Do you know what I have missed so much, Mother, is that there is no crime, hatred or jealousy where I grew up. Everyone is kind and helpful to humans and animals. We all worked together.” said Star.
” I have always dreamed of a place like that. When Abigail found me she and her friends all made sure I was safe and well fed. Later on there was always someone teaching me how to do things and how to read and write along with other things I needed to know on how to get along in the world. When I grew up and was on my own I was not prepared for the violence and destruction I encountered.” said Abby in the saddest tone.
Star glanced at her mother and they just knew in their hearts that Abby would be able to finally happy in Middle world but they dare not let her know about it at this time.
Cristina and Jasmine were still working with cousin Mary’s helpers and the two friends were secretly testing the workers without their knowledge. They were all passing with flying colors and Cristina knew the ones that she had taught on massage therapy and some acupuncture were ready to go on to the colleges and schools in Upper World so they could receive their certifications.
Mary Meerschaum was practically standing upright now but she still used her cane to push the chicken aside when she was tending them while John and Lola were collecting the eggs.
Mary taught the children to be kind and gentle to the chickens and the old cat that Cousin Mary kept around hoping to keep the place mouse free.
The corn was growing straight and pumpkin vines were surrounding the stalks keeping the corn roots cool from the hot sun. The vegetable garden, planted in the French Intensive Method had indeed proved to grow more healthy plants and Cousin Mary was happy for that because she had to feed a lot of people.
The ladies in the village came to see Mary Meerschaum and the children often. They brought news of what was going on and also hoping to get a cup of coffee and a sweet to eat.
One day, Kathleen, one of the ladies who was visiting, told Mary Meerschaum that that smart ass Delia was talking to one of her friends. The friend was called, Sharon, and Delia was saying if she could get the authorities to foster care for John and Lola she could make some easy big bucks.
Sharon went on to say that the old bat Mary Meerschaum was old and unfit to care for two children and that Delia might just pull that off once she cleans up her house and yard and had suitable rooms for John and Lola.
Delia complained about two more rooms and thought the inside of her house just needed a little picking up. Sharon told Delia she had best clean it real well and possibly get new furniture because her cats clawed it up and her dogs hair all over the place and occasional pee spots were not a suitable place to care for two children, and she better clean up her beer habit also.
“Delia told Sharon to go mind her business and get out. Sharon yelled back to clean up the trashy yard while you’re at it too.” said Kathleen.
When the women left Mary Meerschaum was worried about the authorities taking the children away from her and when she saw Queen Cristina and Abby she told them. Abby told her that she would never allow anyone to take John and Lola away from her.
Queen Cristina told Mary she seconded that and she would back Abby if there were any problems.
Later on Abby took Queen Cristina to her home and they both figured out a legal plan for Mary Meerschaum to be the legal guardian for both children.
Queen Cristina said: ” I sure wish I had the ability to use a computer where we live.”
©Julia A Knaake

Searching With Cristina 95

Searching With Cristina 95
“Cristina, Cristina, our sweet daughter, they told us you had been swallowed up in the earth. They also told us they were not able to find you or your body and that if you were found you would have been smothered.
I went crazy in the head but your mother never ever lost hope. When I was in a coma she said she spoke to me everyday.
I do remember her talking but because they said you would be smothered I almost gave up hope. If it were not for your mother I would have been despondent forever.” said Elvin excitedly.
“Elvin let me have a turn to embrace our daughter. Cristina I never gave up hope of finding you and the reason I pushed you towards the cave so hard that day was in the hopes that your grandmother would find you. I missed your growing up years so much.” said a tearful Star.
” Mama Papa the last words I heard were “Cristina be brave and Cristina Mama and Papa will find you.”
More hugs and kisses went around the trio.
“Angus and Bobby McGuire were on ice collecting duty that day pulling an oversize sled when they approached the North ice cave and found me.” rambled on Cristina.
Abby approached the trio and softly said: “Cristina I think your parents would like to meet someone else don’t you?”
Grandmother Cristina was smothered in kisses by Star and Elvin with much chattering.
Abby left the grove and asked some of the people helping to move the trailer and truck onto the road to drive it up to the pink roundhouse. Then she went back to Grandmother and told her what she did.
“I’m so excited that you all found each other and I asked our friends to drive your trailer to the pink roundhouse. I would like Elvin and Star to climb into the back of my car with Cristina~P in between you and Cristina~Q up front with me.
I will drive you home because none of you are fit to drive.” Abby said laughingly.
Queen Cristina held Abby’s hand and smiled at her saying what a wise young woman you are dear Abby. Abby just beamed all the way down the hill.
Cristina~Q do you think we ought to call cousin Mary and ask her if Gabi, Jasmine and Alfred should drive up to the Pink Roundhouse?” asked Abby. She shook her head yes so Abby made the call.
Queen Cristina thought that would be a lovely gesture asking the three friends. I know Gabi has been waiting for the day he would especially meet Elvin so he can properly ask him for permission to marry Cristina.
There was a continual low hum of chatter in the back seat as they approached the Pink Roundhouse.
“Ladies and gentleman you are home and your trailer is in place.” pipped up Abby.
Soon Gabi, Jasmine and Alfred arrived. Abby, the forever organizer, asked Star if all these empty hands might carry a few boxes upstairs into the kitchen so everyone pitched in arms full and up the stairs.
“Mother, said Star, “Cristina told me that Auntie Star~Lite raised her just like she raised me. I think that is wonderful. I know you had to be away a lot of the time so Auntie was the perfect choice.”
“Yes and did she also tell you that your Auntie recently got married to KaLvin~T?
“No she did not mention that because her Papa is taking up all her time but I am happy to wait my time because Elvin is so alive!” laughed Star.
“Auntie must be close to fifty-five or so by now. She raised me so well and it looks like she has done an excellent job on Cristina. I am happy she and KaLvin~T found each other.”
“Mother, Cristina certainly has four wonderful friends. I did not know Abby came from the Middle World. She is such a wonderful young woman and so good with the children up here.”
“Star, Abby has never been to the Middle World. She was thrown in the trash when she was a newborn infant and a bag lady by the name of Abigail found her and raised her well. Abby is an exceptional woman that cares for all children as though they were her own. Her birth mother was fourteen and the father was fifteen. They were killed in a horrific gang fight. After birth she was placed in a box. Abby never knew them.”
“Mother how in the world did you find this information? Asked Star.
“I conjured up Abigail in my crystal ball and went to visit her. Abigail was on her death bed and she told me the whole story. I told her that Abby was a wonderful and very practical grownup woman. Abigail asked me to watch over Abby then she passed away in my arms. Star I just do not know what I am going to do with Abby.” said Queen Cristina.
Abby came from behind a high back chair with tears in her eyes and softly said she had heard Cristina and now the pieces were together.
Star hugged Abby and told her to just trust my Mother and you will find a place. Abby nodded her head yes, then smiled.
A loud WAHOO came out of Gabi’s mouth and he started dancing with Cristina while Alfred played his flute.
Jasmine came running to Queen Cristina saying: “He said yes he said yes. Now we can all go home and Cristina and Gabi can be married.
Oh, yes Alfred and I can be married also. What a wonderful day.”
©Julia A Knaake

Searching With Cristina 94

Searching With Cristina 94
Abby promised to visit Cousin Mary once a week to see how the children, John and Lola, were settling into their new and finally stable home.
Cousin Mary knew Abby had to do this so the Foster Home Authorities would be satisfied that the children were being well cared for and safe.
If Abby did not make a report then the Foster Home Authorities would come and place the children in a home with strangers.
Mary Meerschaum was John’s legal great grandmother but Lola was not kin to her. In fact Lola had no known kin.
Abby knew that taking the two children away from Mary Meerschaum would crush her and the children.
“ Well, cousin Mary, here is a copy of my report. Soon I will only have to fill these papers out once a month. The children have not only grown physically better but Lola is actually learning to speak French. Now who is responsible for that?” said Abby.
Jasmine popped in and said “That would be Cristina and myself. Lola was quite shy and did not talk much unless John was around so Cristina and I started singing:
Frère Jacques,
Frère Jacques,
Sonnez les matines.
Sonnez les matines.
Ding, ding, dong.
Ding, ding, dong.
Which translates to English as:
Brother James,
Brother James,
Are you sleeping?
Are you sleeping?
Ring the morning bells,
Ring the morning bells,
Ding ding dong,
Ding ding dong.
Lola looked at us as though she was not even listening but when Gabi and Alfred came into the room with John following behind they started singing Frère Jacques and you know John he adores Gabi and Alfred so he picked up on the song.
Eventually Lola soon started singing. Those two little ones are just like sponges and easily pick up on everything.” said Jasmine.
“You four are amazing. So sure of yourselves with great knowledge and everyone loves you. I had a pretty good and happy life with Clever Abigail and her followers but I sure wish I did not have to see all the violence and sadness in this little town.
Sometimes I just want to go far away where everyone loves one another. When you leave Cousin Mary’s I might just follow you home and never come back here again” laughed Abby. The four looked at each other and smiled.
Abby told everyone goodbye then went off to the office to file her report and finish some loose ends. The office looked empty so she went into Calvin’s office and asked where is everyone?
“You were working. Cindy is on maternity leave. Others up at the school because the kids were having some sort of athletic competition and there are four up on the hill helping those folks that live in the pink roundhouse.” replied Calvin.
“ Mr and Mrs Brite?
What’s wrong?
Are they hurt?” Questioned Abby.
“Hold on and slow down you’re as bad as the young kids talking so fast I can’t understand you!” boomed Calvin.
“Not hurt but their camper has two blown out tires and people are up there helping them.
Carol Ann from the office took up water, ice coffee, sandwiches and oatmeal cookies. They’re probably all up there having a picnic. Won’t be down for a while because Leroy came back to get some tires.” replied Calvin
Abby blurted out “Bye see you later.”
“Where you going up on the hill?”
“I have a stop first then I’m up to the top of the hill for a reunion.”
Abby stopped at cousin Mary’s to see if Cristina and her grandmother were there. They were and Abby told them she was going to take them on a ride up on the hill because she thought they might enjoy the scenery.
Cristina looked at grandmother and grandmother just shrugged and said “The last mystery ride she took us on was great so let’s go.
Off the trio went with Abby driving a normal speed pointing out houses and views up on the side of the hills. The flowers were beautiful. As they climbed higher and higher the air was cooler.
As they got closer to the top they saw many cars parked along the side of the road. Over near the camper were two policemen.
Abby got out and asked where everyone went. They said they were waiting for Leroy but everyone else walked up to the picnic tables to stay out of the sun and have a bite to eat.
“OK dear ladies let’s walk up to the picnic area I have something to show you both will be pleased to see.” said Abby with the biggest smile.
Up in the grove, right there at the picnic table, Elvin rose from the table and stood staring at Cristina and her grandmother.
Star looked up at him and saw the two women.
“We found us, we found us we did we are together.”
Abby took Queen Cristina’s hand and they both just sat down on a bench and both wept happy tears.
©Julia A Knaake

Searching With Cristina 93

Searching With Cristina 93
” Grandmother look it IS a picture of me!
Grandmother here is a picture of you and Grandfather!
Here is my little red beret & my gloves!
Grandmother they were here all the time and all those
times you came here to see cousin Mary you never knew!
Mama and Papa never knew.” squealed Cristina just like a child.
“Settle down Cristina or you’ll blow a gasket. I always knew they were alive
but I did not know where they were. I went to the state of California
up here to look for them but did not know exactly where to start looking.
Do you remember when your Auntie Star~Lite stayed at home and took care of you I was gone on trips up here a lot? Up here I hunted and hunted for the Libby Tree area.
That was where the accident happened and the Rangers showed me and my guide exactly where the accident happened. They told me your Mama and Papa moved away without leaving an address. They told me my granddaughter was lost forever.
The authorities felt sorry for me and thought me a little balmy.
The head honcho was quite condescending and patronizing to your dear Grandmother. All of my efforts were to no avail.
Everything I did to search and find them was of no avail.
Nothing worked. I even went to a detective agency.” gently said Queen Cristina.
Abby kept quiet allowing Grandmother and Granddaughter to look around while she listened to them speak to each other. She did not know where they came from except for somewhere down South.
When she got back home she would investigate on her computer now that she had a few bits of information about California and a cave in approximately eighteen years ago.
Gentle reader, our Dear wonderful Abby loved solving mysteries.
“Well ladies we must go now. I just had a hunch this might be what you were looking for but I have to get back to the office.
When Mr and Mrs Brite get back to town they will be in for a pleasant surprise.”
said Abby.
When Cristina and Grandmother got back to Cousin Mary’s everyone gathered around and learned of the good news.
Meanwhile Abby was at home with a glass of milk and a peanut butter sandwich sitting in front of her computer doing research on the Libby tree. It took a few hours to get the story together but she finally found the story. She went on in research to find that Elvin had suffered a concussion when he was swallowed into the tree trunk hole and Star only scratches and bruises.
They both were hospitalized for his concussion that turned into his coma and her hysteria.
The child, little Cristina, was never recovered and thought to be lost. Swallowed into the ground.
Star had moved from place to place caring for her husband at home. She had the funds to care for him but she was very very frugal so they survived the eighteen years ending up here. They lived on the outskirts of town and received many local visitors.
Elvin started improving about three years ago but rarely spoke. He stopped using the elevator and walked up and down the stairs and that improved his muscle tone greatly. Star tended her herb and vegetable garden along side with Elvin.
In the evening Star made jewelry while Elvin made Navajo style blankets on his loom.
Star thought this might help him with his memory therapy and she was correct. His body had eventually healed but he was still healing in his mind.
Abby now understood why this man was in such deep sorrow not because he had it in his mind that they lost their only daughter, Cristina.
But how did the little three year old Cristina escape death?
Who took care of this little child?
Why do they evade saying exactly where they were from?
Also the Grandmother says up here?
Down South was their only answer when she asked.
It was baffling to Abby!
So much like her own life…a big mystery!
The others: Jasmine, Alfred and Gabi were so polite for people in their early twenties. The men treated their beloveds with great respect but they were never too close or fresh with Cristina and Jasmine.
They truly were on this mission together to find Cristina’s parents so Gabi could ask Elvin for Cristina’s hand in marriage.
The homes where the two couples would live after marriage were already built.
What place was this down South?
A perfect village?
Abby knew there were friends there, wherever there was?
She heard the four of them speaking among each other reminiscing about what was going on at home. Wondering how people were getting along.
Cristina once said she hoped Simon and his mates pups were doing well.
Abby wanted to live in happiness like these four friends.
© Julia A Knaake

Searching With Cristina 92

Searching With Cristina 92
Another week passed and the children soon would be released from the hospital.
Since Mary Meerschaum was the only blood relative to John and Lola they had ever known. The children were released to Mary Meerschaum because she had a safe home at Cousin Mary’s. Cousin Mary was as a known upstanding person in the community with the funds to help care for the children at this time.
Abby told Queen Cristina she had to pull a few strings to allow this feat. The other ladies on the reservation could come visit the children any time they wanted because the also were friends with Mary Meerschaum and would actually do anything for her and the children.
John was almost better only with a slight limp and when he went to therapy he would only go with Gabi, his Good Man as he called him.
Lola was safe at home with Achó. Also there was Cristina, Jasmine and Cristina~P to protect Lola.
After each therapy session Good Man (Gabi) would stop off and pick up two dozen Jelly doughnuts and two coffees for John and himself. John felt important and grown up when he got a coffee filled with a lot of milk.
Abby, Cristina and Jasmine had become good friends by now. Abby told them she had been an abandoned baby left in the trash in a box. A bag lady walking in the alley heard her cry and found her. Abby told Jasmine and Cristina that the lady was known as Clever Abigail among the street folks.
Abby went on saying:
“Clever Abigail knew where to find the best and cleanest foods, nicest old clothes and safest places to stay overnight. When Clever Abigail found the baby girl, me, she named me. Calling me Abby St Gallen after The Abbey of Saint Gall from the city of St Gallen in Switzerland.
She took me to her compound, an old abandoned barn, where all her friends lived in safety. That is pretty much how I grew up with lots of people who told me we were cousins.
Clever Abigail really was clever and smart. She knew a person from her past that obtained a birth certificate for me with the name Abby St Gallen born February 29th 1982. That was certainly clever for me when I grew up and joined the police force.”
Cristina said: “no wonder you deeply care for children.”
“Yes and since I never married and had children of my own I consider all children that need assistance mine until they go to a happy home.”
“When we find Cristina’s parents Gabi is going to ask her Papa for Cristina’s hand in marriage and Alfred and I will also get married also then we can go back home and live in our new houses. “ blurted out Jasmine.
Abby said “Where is back home? You already have homes to live in when you get married?”
Cristina, all wide eyed stammering a bit said back home was down South and having a home for the bride was a tradition down South then very quickly changed the subject.
Abby was smart enough to not ask any more personnel questions.
“Cristina I want to take you someplace today and I want your Grandmother to come along. I explained to your Grandmother and she said she was all in for the ride.” said Abby.
“Well if Grandmother said she was going then I will also go.” said Cristina. “Great, I will be here this afternoon at 1:00 pm.” said Abby.
Abby showed up in her police car and picked the two ladies up.
“I am on official duty so I can use my police car.” laughed Abby.
“We three are going on a ride to the country so I can check the status of an unoccupied house. The owners have been gone for a few weeks and they asked me to patrol by their home to see if there was anything disturbing going on so you two can help me.” said Abby.
The ride out into the country was delightful to Cristina and her Grandmother. Finally they came to a steep winding road that was climbing up and the cooler air felt so nice.
There it was, the pink Round House that everyone was talking about.
“It is beautiful up here and now I know why the couple love this place.” said Abby.
“ I do have permission to go inside so since I am here you two also can enter the house.” said Abby quietly.
The trio took off their shoes and walked through the house. There were three levels to the plan with a sturdy set of stairs with hand rails.
An elevator with a chair was on the side with a generator nearby but it did not look as though it had not been used in a while.
The bottom level was the working area of the house with all the essentials to keep the place going. Washing machine, refrigerator and so forth. Also a small powder room.
The middle level was the dining / living room area, a nice sturdy sofa and chairs and a large simple bathroom with a tub.
The top level was amazing! The view was magnificent. Book shelves lined one wall and the other wall contained mementos and pictures.
Christina gasped and said
”It’s me in the picture! Grandmother We have found Mama and Papa!!!”
©Julia A Knaake

Searching With Cristina 91

Searching  With  Cristina  91

Mary Meerschaum was given a mild sedative by her doctor and slept for a few hours. Once she woke up and was calmer, Queen Cristina and Cristina took her to the hospital to see the children, John and Lola.

The children were very happy to see their Achó and Cristina. John told Cristina he was brave and said his poem in his head until the police and neighbors arrived. John recited the poem to everyone then again said he and Lola were brave and quiet.

Spirit Healer
You observe
With strong eye
Ever in darkest

Spirit Healer
With your heart
Traveling always
Within hidden realms

Spirit Healer
Helping spirits
Compassionate spirits
Offering guidance

Spirit Healer
Speak to the great spirits
Of the rocks trees, plants,
The wind, water, fire, earth

Spirit Healer
Healing help
In behalf of all
Life on earth

John had been shot in the leg but he was big enough that it was repairable and with therapy he would be able to walk normally. Lola was only nicked because her little teddy bear had received most of the brunt of the impact from the bullet. During the screaming and fighting between Betty and Stephen.

John had covered Lola with a big bulky blanket and her teddy bear then covered himself with a pillow and the blanket.
He told Cristina that he was very very quiet trying to be brave. He said Stephen was slapping his Mommy and she was throwing things at him. He heard Stephen grab Mommy and choke her then she fell.

“Did you see him choke Mommy?” asked the police lady.

“No I was being quiet and protecting Lola but I heard her sound like this, and he made noises like (hack,hack, gurgle then a gasp for air) just like she did lots of times. Then she fell on the floor with a  big thud.” said John.

“John how do you know what a thud falling on the floor sounds like?” asked the police lady.

“Because every time he would choke Mommy it sounded the same. Mommy told us to always run and hide when he was mean but I kept Lola hidden on my chest so she could not see and I watched and heard.” said John with a sad voice.

The police lady told Queen Cristina she was going to step out for a while and asked her to stay with Mary Meerschaum and visit the children while she and Cristina had a coffee.

“Cristina I noticed you and I both were about to burst into tears while John was telling us about his Mommy. Every time I see a child go through this kind of domestic violence I tell myself I am going to quit the force but then I go have coffee and a doughnut and tell myself no you will not quit because the children need you.

By the way my name is Abby. You are Cristina and probably named after your Grandmother, am I correct?” said the police lady.

“Yes Mama and Papa named me after my maternal grandmother.” responded Cristina.

“You resemble a lady here in the village. She and her husband are on a journey in the woods right now. They should be back in a week or so. Who knows you might bump into them someday. They live in the pink roundhouse just outside of town.” said Abby.

“Gabi and Alfred are here teaching Thomas and his crew some different techniques on building and construction and Thomas took us to the Festival at the mission last week where we met his Grandfather and Grandmother.

We had a wonderful time and they thought I resembled the lady in the pink round house so they bought me this necklace. The lady had made jewelry  for them to sell for her.” replied a happy Cristina.

“Well we better get back inside before Mary Meerschaum crawls in bed with those two.” said Abby.

Queen Cristina was standing between the to beds softly singing:

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

When the blazing sun is gone,
When he nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, through the night.

Then the traveler in the dark
Thank you for your tiny spark;
He could not see where to go,
If you did not twinkle so.

In the dark blue sky you keep,
And often through my curtains peep,
For you never shut your eye
Till the sun is in the sky.

As your bright and tiny spark
Lights the traveler in the dark,
Though I know not what you are,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

“Well Grandmother and Mary we best be going to Cousin Mary’s because I left Jasmine doing all the teaching.” said Cristina.

“Abby when the children waken let them know Gabi and Alfred will come to see them tonight and they will bring their Achó .”

©Julia A Knaake

Searching With Cristina 90

Searching With Cristina 90
Every day someone took Mary Meerschaum to the village to see John and Lola. They were so happy to see their Achó . The children were growing fast, putting on weight and all and all acting like carefree children. Irene Begay told Cristina they did not run and hide when they heard loud noises.
John even came to Cristina and said the words she had told him to remember.
Spirit Healer
You observe
With strong eye
Ever in darkest
Spirit Healer
With your heart
Traveling always
Within hidden realms
Spirit Healer
Helping spirits
Compassionate spirits
Offering guidance
Spirit Healer
Speak to the great spirits
Of the rocks trees, plants,
The wind, water, fire, earth
Spirit Healer
Healing help
In behalf of all
Life on earth
“Oh John I am so proud of you remembering these words and when you grow up
you will know in your heart Spirit Healer means to you. Will you share this with Lola?
She is three years younger but she must learn Spirit Healer also. The two of you have a wonderful connection to each other.” said Cristina.
“ I really like you Cristina and Gabi too. Lola wants to grow up like you because you are so kind with no yelling and I want to grow up like Gabi because he is kind and no hitting.” said John.
Cristina excused herself and went into Irene Begay’s kitchen pretending to want a glass of water. Irene saw Cristina crying and asked why.
“Irene these children have been through terrible times that no children should ever have encountered and it saddens me so much.”
“I know dear lady and we ladies of the village are going to watch over them every day when Betty comes home and hopefully talk her into moving to a safer place just in case Stephen gets out of jail early.
We hear through the Grapevine that he is conning the officials into saying he is missing Betty and the children and he feels so bad at what he did to Betty.
It is all lies because he just wants to get out and go back to his old ways. He is a dangerous man and the men of the village will watch whatever he does when he does return” said Irene.
A week passed and Betty was allowed home to rest but she did not go back to work so Mary Meerschaum gave her the money from her check to live on for a while. The village ladies cared for the children and cooked the food for them to eat.
Meanwhile Mary Meerschaum continued to heal living alone in her little safe house, tending to the chicks and herb garden.
Gabi and Alfred taught Thomas their construction skills and masonry techniques. Thomas was a born leader but he was never taught how to lead. He took on the characteristics of Gabi and Alfred on winning his point if confronted with a problem with his men. Speaking quietly but firmly he got the attention of the crew and all got along just fine.
Cristina and Jasmine continued the lessons on nutrition and holistic medicines to cousin Mary’s helpers. Everything seemed too good to be true.
Cristina and Jasmine had spent the day in the backyard helping dig the earth. They were both pretty tired that evening and after dinner they said they were going to retire early with a book.
Gabi and Albert both fell asleep in the chairs on the back porch until close to midnight.
Mary Meerschaum woke them and told them to skoot so she could cover the chicks for their bedtime. They helped cover the chicks then went up to bed.
It was close to five am when Cristina heard a gut wrenching scream coming from Mary Meerschaum’s little house. Jasmine put on her robe and ran across the hall knocking on Alfred and Gabi’s door.
By that time Cristina had run down the stairs to Mary Meerschaum where she found Queen Cristina and Cousin Mary trying to calm Mary down.
Mary was in such a state that Cristina went close to her and slapped her on her face saying i do not want to hurt this Elder but she is in a hysteric state.
Finally Mary calmed down saying she had a horrible dream that Stephen escaped jail and in a fit of rage shot Betty and the babies then shot himself.
Cousin Mary told them to calm the elder down while she phoned a police lady she knew. She was in the house on the phone for fifteen minutes then Queen Cristina went inside to talk to cousin Mary.
“Oh, Dear Cristina~Q it is true! He did escape and in a rage he went to the house where Betty was with the children.
They fought because one of the neighbors, who was up early getting ready for work, heard them arguing.
The neighbor heard a shot then another two shots so he told his wife to call the police then they heard more yelling from Stephen then another shot.
The police arrived then an ambulance. Stephen killed Betty and himself but only wounded John and Lola.
The children are in stable condition at the hospital asking for their grandmother Mary. “ responded cousin Mary.
© Julia A Knaake

Searching With Cristina 89

Searching With Cristina 89
Cristina asked Queen Cristina about the pink round house just outside town. Grandmother said she had driven past it a few years ago but never heard of who is living there.
Cristina then said that Thomas’s Grandfather and Grandmother had bought her a memory necklace that the lady who lived the pink round house had made to sell at the festival. The lady and her husband were up in the woods for another two weeks.
Thomas’s Grandmother did not remember her name and said she spends a lot of her time at home because her husband had been ill for years but recently he has been recovering nicely. She also said they came here about fifteen years ago. Some friends came with them and set up the home for them. She grows herbs and vegetables and makes the jewelry on the side.
“ Grandmother, Thomas’s Grandmother and Grandfather both think the lady that made this necklace resembles me!” said an excited Cristina.
“Darling Cristina, I understand where you are going and we will investigate this resemblance in the next couple of weeks because this is thrilling information. I have been here helping cousin Mary for the past years but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think to search here for your parents.
Queen Cristina said:
“Now let me tell you the news about Mary Meerschaum. She was inside the kitchen for a thermos of coffee and some of those doughnuts Gabi missed eating and she saw the newspaper tossed in the recycling bin.
She took it out to here little house and read the paper while eating her breakfast. We heard a scream so loud it would have awakened a hibernating bear out of a two month sleep!
Mary Meerschaum had seen the article about her granddaughter Betty and came running for someone to take her to see Betty. We calmed her down and told her the children were being taken care of by the village women very well and Betty was in hospital healing. You and I are going to take her to see the children today if that is fine with you.”
Cristina told Grandmother she would be honored to go with them to see the children.
After lunch the three of them placed a few boxes of canned and dry food along with milk, cheese and eggs in the back of the truck they were off to see the children. Queen Cristina also stopped at the doughnut shop to buy two dozen of those jelly doughnuts Gabi loved so well.
“Cristina you and Gabi are going to have to learn how to make these raspberry jelly doughnuts after you are married.” laughingly said Grandmother.
Mary Meerschaum mumbled laughingly: “You’ll have to be cooking all day because I’ve seen him eat!”
Arriving at the village Mary Meerschaum was greeted by Irene Begay and a couple of other women she knew.
Achó Achó happily called John and Lola when they saw Mary.
They adored their great grandmother as she did them. Mary Meerschaum spoke to the women thanking them for caring for John and Lola and told them when Betty comes home I will see if I am well and strong enough to come back to Betty’s home and help her with the children. Cristina-Q looked at her granddaughter who had a disturbed look on her face.
Princess Cristina pipped up and said: Mary I still have a few more acupuncture treatments for you before you leave us and the chickens.”
Mary Meeschaum lifted her arms laughed and said to her friends.
“Díí beebi’dool zíí ” ( “This one has a gift.” ) and I have to do as she says.
The village ladies helped Cristina~Q carry the food to Irene Begays home.
Cristina hugged Mary then said hello to John and Lola and they went over to a bench and sat down with Achó and Cristina and each had a jelly doughnut.
John told Cristina that when Lola and he grew up they decided to get married so they could live in a happy peaceful home.
Cristina turned her head so he would not see a tear falling. She told John that was a wonderful thing to do. She even told her that she and Gabi were going to get married soon and have a wonderful home also. John said he wished that he and Lola could live near her and Gabi.
Cristina told them she would tell them a poem her Auntie Star~Lite told her a long time ago and for them to try to remember.
Spirit Healer
You observe
With strong eye
Ever in darkest
Spirit Healer
With your heart
Traveling always
Within hidden realms
Spirit Healer
Helping spirits
Compassionate spirits
Offering guidance
Spirit Healer
Speak to the great spirits
Of the rocks trees, plants,
The wind, water, fire, earth
Spirit Healer
Healing help
In behalf of all
Life on earth
©Julia A Knaake

Searching With Cristina 88

Searching With Cristina 88
Gabi was good at letting the men take Friday and Monday off to repair the longhouse up at the Mission. Alfred and Gabi also helped with the repair and also gave Thomas some suggestions.
His Grandfather did enjoy having Alfred and Gabi help them and he was surprised at how much these young men knew about the old fashioned materials used in construction.
Gabi enjoyed the fry bread Thomas’s Grandmother had made and watched her expertly making the bread with ease. He spoke to her in Navajo language saying how Cristina also made fry bread for him topping it off with sweet clover honey.
Grandfather heard Gabi fluently speaking his native language and said:
“ Gabi you speak our native language so well and I was wondering how you learned.”
Gabi told the Grandfather that he, Alfred, Cristina and Jasmine had learned from old records and their friend ElVin.
The Grandmother asked Gabi if he and his friends were coming to the festival next week and he said yes they were and could they bring something. The Grandmother said just yourselves.
On festival weekend the four friends took off in the truck to the festival and met Thomas at the entrance gate and he introduced Cristina and Jasmine to Grandfather and Grandmother.
Right away Grandfather noticed that the four friends were all wearing the same Turquoise rings.
Grandmother took the ladies and showed them around all the booths. Jasmine was very interested in the rugs while Cristina was intensely looking at the Turquoise jewelry. There was something familiar about the design. She knew that design but just could not place where or who it was connected. She was almost in a trance staring at the piece. Grandfather saw her deeply into thought and gently asked her if she was remembering a memory.
Cristina told him yes but she would have to think more when she was not distracted by all the fun of the festival. Grandfather whispered to Grandmother then they bought a piece giving it to Cristina. “You wear this for a few days and you will remember soon.” said Grandmother.
After the festival one of Grandmothers friends looked at Cristina and said she looked like a younger version of the woman that made the necklace Cristina was wearing.
That perked up Cristina and Jasmines ears quick. Jasmine asked if she knew the woman name or where she lived. She told Jasmine she did not know the woman but she lived in the pink round house just outside town.
She also said she was not at home for a couple of weeks because she and her husband would be up in the woods where it was cooler and they probably would be collecting wild herbs to bring back home.
Grandmother said “She does resemble you and I will tell Thomas to tell Gabi if and when they come back. I have a feeling your necklace has a connection to your past. I do not remember her name.
She spends a lot of her time at home because her husband had been ill for years but recently he has been recovering well. She came here about fifteen years ago. Some friends came with them and set up the home for her. She grows herbs and vegetables and makes the jewelry on the side. “
Cristina thanked the grandmother for a wonderful time and they would be back to see her again.
Gabi and Alfred caught up with Cristina and Jasmine and the grandmother piled up some of the extra food for them to take home.
The four told her the festival was outstanding. The four friends looked up at the sky and Gabi pulled out his Flute and played a tune while the others sang:
Stars in the sky bring the summer right back to me
Tell me you’ll try to think about me when’ ere you see those
Stars in the sky
It’s just a letter from a friend of mine
A little picture from another time
A little picture of a place where we used to go
A word or two about a friend we miss
A fond reminder of a promised kiss
A fond reminder of a vow we made long ago
We went away when we were very young
To find the person the we would become
To find the person that was hidden somewhere inside
What we discovered there it still holds true
The friends you make become a part of you
The friends you make will each return to you like the tide.
And if by chance you should be going there
Please take this message that I hope you’ll share
Please take this message to the ones too young to have learned
The time is short and there’s so much to do
Don’t waste a moment of what’s given you
Don’t waste a moment ’cause you’ll never see it return.
©Julia A Knaake