She Walks In Confidence 12

She Walks In Confidence 12

She Walks In Confidence 12
The next day Rosie spent the day with Pamela and Robert. They were going to go visit Rupert in hospital. She asked if Naomi could come along to show them where the sights were. Her parents agreed. Robert had rented an auto to get them around town. The only car they had was a jeep and it was a stick drive.
“We will not have a manual drive in until this afternoon.” said the attendant.
“I can drive a stick but I’m too young to have a license. Why not have Rosie drive. You ought to have seen her up on the flats where the plane was stuck! ” piped up Naomi.

Robert sneered “Rosie? You are now called Rosie? My word. How quaint.”

Pamela clapped her hands saying:
“Never mind my husband the stuffed shirt. Rosie I’m very proud of you. Let’s have you drive today. I know we’ll have a fun day.”

Rosie all signed in for one day’s driving took off out of the lot carefully. When she had driven a few miles Robert started in on the lecture of driving too fast, too close. Anything else he could think of to be a backseat pain in the arse.
They were driving in the direction of the hospital when Naomi asked Rosie to take a right turn. They were going down a bumpy dirt road.
Rosie looked at Naomi who gave her the thumbs up. They reached an open field. Two boys were there with an older jeep. Naomi spoke to them. She talked to Rosie. Rosie said yes. She asked Pamela for ten dollars. They paid the boys a total of twenty dollars.

Naomi knew the boys and they gave Pamela and Robert the drag race of their life! Pamela laughed the whole time while Robert turned white as a sheet.

Naomi thanked the boys and they took off gingerly to the hospital.

The story was repeated to Rupert who laughed so robustly the nurses came in to see if he was in any

After seeing Rupert the four went for lunch at a local outside Greek cafe that was suggested by Naomi. The food was delicious. They returned the jeep to the car rental. Robert got himself a Buick and was quite content to drive. He never again complained about Rosie’s driving.
Back at Rosemary’s by the Sea Robert pulled into the parking lot of the unit where they were staying.
He got out and started wiping off the car of dust.
The ladies saw Bill and Jack were busy white washing the fence at the unit next to the office.
Both men donned straw hats.
“Rosemary thinks the two of us are related to Tom Sawyer!” laughed Bill.

“Now hold still. This is so funny. Best thing I’ve seen all day. I have to get a picture of you two.” said Rosie.

“ I rather think the best thing I’ve seen all day is my husband get outmaneuvered by a woman in driving skills.”said Pamela.

The two men looked dumbfounded. Pamela said let’s go sit at the table and let Rosemary and Cynthia in on our adventures of the day. Pamela told the story and embellished and exaggerated on every detail she could at the expense of her dear husband.

Saturday the men cooked lunch all day. It was Bar B Q days. They dressed in their western clothing and some locals they knew would bring their guitars and sing and play all day or their lunches.
Rosemary, Cynthia, Rosie and Naomi took to the yard sales of the day. There were plenty going on. The clothes were cheap. Rosie found some beautiful Pendleton Skirts.
“They are not outdated. Why do people get rid of these skirts. I know this one cost eighty dollars. I have one at home just like it. They are asking two dollars!”

“They want new. The old clothes are sold and out of the way so they go buy new clothes. Not as well made but new for a while. A vicious circle. I have clothes that I bought ten years ago. They are well made and when I tire of them they go in a trunk with Lavender sachets. I reuse my clothes until I tire of them.” said Rosemary.

Rosie said she did the same thing with her clothes.
“I’m going to go through some of my shoes and boots when I get back home. My special diet for gout from Cynthia has made my feet less swollen. Who knows perhaps some of those shoes at home will still fit.
I’ll still show the items to Naomi for the Honeybee closet before I send them to you.” said Rosie with a big smile.

Naomi found some sheet music and the vendor said to take it all for one dollar. Naomi asked Rosie who said to grab it.
The ladies returned home happy with their purchases. Bill was happy he had put a big long rack up on top the Nomad.

She had a vivid imagination and would carry it on for the rest of her life.

©Julia A Knaake

Two Large Suitcases 22

Two Large Suitcases 22
Tuppence Merryweather walked up to Madam Isola’s and pulled on and rang the Greek Evil Glass Eye copper door bell.
“Madam Isola, Madam Isola are you there? Hello! Are you there?”
Isola groaned and quickly pulled Anna outside to the side garden carrying the tea pot & cups on a tray. She had shoved a box of dry biscuits into Anna’s hands before they left. She quietly shut the door knowing Tuppence would next start peeking inside. If the door was shut and they were outside she would not have to confront this annoying Merryweather woman.
“I do not usually hide from people but this one is annoying and my ankle said we do not want to deal with a manipulating Tuppence.”
said Isola quietly.
Outside they continue to talk while sipping tea. The conversation somehow came to ladies blouses and how long the sleeve would become as one grew older.
“I sometimes check the mirror to see if I have developed any “Bat Wings” under my arms…another year and I’ll be 80 so I’m thankful now that I had to chop all that firewood to keep the “Bat Wings” away when I became Elder Anna….
Ha ha ha ha ha …just glad I have working arms! I hear you laughing, I developed Bat Hearing over the years and you can’t get away with keeping a secret from me no matter how much you try.” laughed Anna.
“I never realized how annoying Tuppence is until I came into the backyard.” said Isola with a frown.
Finally, sick of the banging on the door and fake sobbing Anna got up from the chair. “You stay here and rest your ankle. I am going to go deal with this Tuppence now!”
Anna mussed up her hair, put a really nasty look on her face and said: “Who the hell is banging on the door? Can’t a woman get any sleep around this place? Go away right now!”
Hesitation and in a baby voice came out in a pathetic voice: “Who, who are you? What are you doing in Madam isola’s house? I demand you come out here right now. I am in dire need of Madam Isola and she needs to come help me right now. You, person, whoever you are, come out right now! I demand you come out. How dare you keep me waiting!”
Oh, my, thought Anna this one’s a real wacko. I think I’ll have some fun with her.Pulling the door open and with the meanest and nastiest of looks Anna said: ” Why you nasty nasty old bag of a junkyard dog, go bark up some other tree. My sister is laying in there in pain. I come all the way here from Alaska to tend to her. I’ve battled with bears, snakes and run away cows and I don’t have time for the likes of a nasty old bag of a junkyard dog with crocodile tears. Get the hell out of here and don’t come back. Go on get outta here. With that she picked up a watering can and a small garden tool and started banging on it as loud as she could all the time chanting:
Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will be grateful.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.
Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will be grateful.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing. It was the Five Reiki Principles by Dr Mikao Usui that Anna was chanting dramatically with her wild hair in a disarray and the continued chanting:
The Five Reiki Principles
Just for today, I will not be angry.
Just for today, I will not worry.
Just for today, I will be grateful.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.
-Dr. Mikao Usui
Tuppence Merryweather screamed running as fast as she could.
Bumping into Lupe and Maria she yelled: “I’m never coming here again. Madam Isola’s sister is a crazy mad woman. I don’t care if she has wrestled bears and snakes in Alaska she’s nuts!”
Lupe looked at Maria who was laughing her head off. There were tears streaming down her cheeks.
“Wrestled bears and snakes in Alaska? Tia Isola’s sister?” mumbled Lupe in amazement.
Maria laughed more and more when she saw Anna with the wild hair chanting Just for today, I will not be angry. Just for today, I will not worry.
Madam Isola hobbling along with her cane. “ Oh, you two, when you get together, I’m about to wet myself from laughing.” said Maria as she ran into Isola’s house towards the bathroom.
Lupe just stood there mumbling: “Women! I love them but will never understand them.”
©Julia A Knaake

Two Large Suitcases 21

Two Large Suitcases 21
Madam Isola was alone outside on her chaise. Anna had loaned her the newest book of poetry she had been writing. Anna was helping Maria with flower arrangement’s up at the house. Isola usually helped Maria but her ankle was finally healing and she was now resting her ankle on a pillow. She was absorbed in the writings and loved them all.

The Pale Yellow Butterfly
It is hard to understand why
the Pale Yellow Butterfly
is always a spiritual presence
of someone who is peeking
from our minds and hearts
This person is no longer
seen actually walking on earth
a presence still in our hearts
heartening at the sight of
The pale yellow butterfly
appears often as we are
reminiscing, unhappy or sadden
by our loss any time ever
newly happening or in past times
we will miss our loved ones
until the Pale Yellow Butterfly
appears bringing a smile
along with warmth in heart.

The Big Yellow Dog
with the wagging tail
had a past sad life
in his past you can tell it
in his eyes, in his eyes
his future blooms like
the erotic Calla Lilly
he has nothing but love
for his new best master
who treats him with love
admiration and respect
The big yellow dog
with the wagging tail
found everlasting love

Faces in the Flames
We will never forget the sight
smell or voices that horrid day
The flames were brilliant orange
smoke billowing creating shadows
looking like faces in the flames
The smells putrid the smell of death
We heard their voices screaming
pleading with their tormentors
I am alive do not toss me out like
an old pair of boots I am still very
productive and can work many hours
Working for a small cot to sleep a
cup and bowl to eat I am able to work
not sick do not burn me My hair is
singing and curling from the fire
do you not smell my burning flesh
I am still alive do not burn me
I am not dead. Look down at my hands
they are still moving as my feet are moving
I can still work for long hours per day
not coughing any more my hair burning
gown now burning stuck onto my weak body
…Oh save me I will work free..i am alive i

Miss Junk Yard Dog
The Stinking Woman Ripped
The Phone Right Out Of My Hand.
I Had The Receiver Up Close To My Ear
I Was So Glad I Did Not Have
My Pierced Earrings On That Morning.
It Was Early Morning And My
Nostrils Tweaked Their Hairs
At Her Breath. That Woman’s
Cheap White Wine Breath.
She Was A Junk Yard Dog
Better Yet Stick Her Down The Dirty
Spidery Crawl Space Under The House.
Toss A Sleeping Bag, A Few Water Bottles
No! No! I Will Reconsider. Be Good.
Send Down All That Cheap Wine!
Her Nasty Yappy Pushy
Know It All Presence
Had Turned Me Into Her A
Junk Yard Dog! I Was Bad. Like Her
Bad In My Body And Soul.
Have You Ever Considered
That Junk Yard Dogs Are All
Misfits From Society. Yeah
They All Are The Same Dog
Basically Blatant Bullies
They Are All Afraid Of
Being Bullied Back So
They Make Sure You See
And Hear Their Own Pie Holes
If They Shut Their Mouth, Now
They’ll Find The Answers
They Are Looking For
At Least They Will Stop
Being So Annoying
Then I Can Go Back
To My Dear Sweet Self
I Will Ponder My Thoughts
And I’ll Stop Being A
Junk Yard Dog. Yeah!
Yeah! I Will Be Smarter.

Last Letter To Linda
Dear Linda (Darnell)
I was three when you were born.
We were like sisters instead
of Aunt and Niece.

I was there when you could barely
reach the step upon the school bus.
I came down to help you up
but you said no I can do it myself.
That afternoon on the way home

I heard you tell the bus driver you
did not need your Aunt helping
you on and off the bus.
You were stubborn and I was hurt.
We both got over that fast.

In school you went your way and
I went my way on different buses.
Summers were different. Since
I was three years older
with permission I could ride my bike

the one and one half miles to your house.
Sometimes I would stay a few days
and sometimes I would bike back home.
We had fun, little spats, periods of not talking
but at the end of the day we were back having fun.

Once I took you to see the Nutcracker Suite
at the old Paramount theater. Is it still there?
I lay down the law I wanted to see it with no interruptions.
You were perfect and rewarded at the ice cream counter.
I, after all, was Judy (Holiday) and
you were Linda (Darnell).

As adults we were married and miles apart.
You never moved out of Ohio and me leaving
for California, Arizona, Montana
and Washington state.
We always kept in contact.

Linda (Darnell ) and Judy (Holiday).
Remembering when you and I with four children
were stranded overnight on Put-In-Bay?
About to sleep in the car near the police station
I bravely asked a lady to open her bed and breakfast.

I came back to visit and you came out to visit.
We always had great reunions. I know you have
others waiting for a very long time for a reunion in Heaven.
I will miss you and I still love you my
Linda Darnell from your Aunt Judy-Holiday.

Madam Isola was fully immersed in the poems and did not notice a small box placed on the table. A tiny pink pebble was placed on top.
Four tiny cakes, the size of Hershey Kisses, and a note said My birthday party was great. Thank you both for the gifts, Sybil.
©Julia A Knaake

Life guide for all

Life guide for all
Learn not to be poor. Be happy.
All are born the same with nothing
as we all leave the same with nothing
Learn not to be poor. Be happy.
Food and drink with clothing
is all we really need in our lives
Learn not to be poor. Be happy.
basic bread and beans with rags for some
fancy meats or fruit with glamour clothes
Learn not to be poor. Be happy.
little money or bags of gold Shacks or palaces
does not matter our common goal is be happy
Learn not to be poor. Be happy.
We all must fight the good fight of the faith
We all have the same needs to be alive
Learn not to be poor. Be happy
©Julia A Knaake

Two Large Suitcases 20

Two Large Suitcases 20
Madam Isola told Anna she was happy she was here to visit.
“You know where the kitchen is and my family has provided me with a little TV. I’m going to be a good hostess and leave you on your own for a while. You are welcome to watch news with me if you like but I know I will fall asleep for an hour or two. My house is your house. We can talk all week. Right now I am tired from dinner activities. I took those blasted pills from the doctor this morning so I slept for a while. I’ll have to take them again tonight”
“Go ahead and sleep Isola. I am a bit tired also. I need to write and who knows maybe a nap is in store for me also.”said Anna.
Anna could not get the thought “Learn not to be poor. Be happy” out of her head. She got busy and wrote:
Life guide for all
Learn not to be poor. Be happy.
All are born the same with nothing
as we all leave the same with nothing
Learn not to be poor. Be happy.
Food and drink with clothing
is all we really need in our lives
Learn not to be poor. Be happy.
basic bread and beans with rags for some
fancy meats or fruit with glamour clothes
Learn not to be poor. Be happy.
little money or bags of gold Shacks or palaces
does not matter our common goal is be happy
Learn not to be poor. Be happy.
We all must fight the good fight of the faith
We all have the same needs to be alive
Learn not to be poor. Be happy
~ Anna
There, I think I’ll leave it like it is nice and simple. Mumbled Anna.
She got up and went into the kitchen to get a hot coffee. She had her headphones on and was listening to the Gaither Vocal Band so she did not hear Isola come into the kitchen. When she looked in the mirror over the sink she was surprised to see an arm near the cupboard.
Turning around she let Isola know she saw her and asked if she needed any help.
“I might. I can’t get on my step stool. I wanted to see if there were any Lemon Spoon sweets up on the top shelf. I might make more if Georgio brings more lemons tomorrow. I asked him to bring me more sugar if he gets lemons. It’s a shame so many people do not eat or use them. I understand the trees are beautiful but when the fruit finally falls they should use it or at least squeeze the juice to use for cooling drinks instead of those nasty carbonated sugar filled things they buy!”
“Well I’ll climb up and look for you. Let me take off the headphones.”
Anna set them next to her coffee then climbed the step stool where she found two jars of spoon sweets.
“There are two jars up here. One pint of lemon and the other looks like a quart of cherry that did not set well.” Anna said as she handed one then the other to Isola.
“Ho ho ho one is lemon spoon sweets but the other is my Cherry Bounce. Damn girl. I forgot all about that quart. It’ll be good and ripe for sure. I only can have a tiny glass and then only one. I’m on these nasty knock out pills for three more nights. Glad I didn’t take one yet. Let’s forget the coffee and go out on the porch and have a cherry bounce liqueur!”
Madam Isola and Anna we sipping slowly on the cherry bounce when
Georgio came up the path on his dad’s Cushman Haulster Truckster Flatbed. He had a box for Tia.
“ Oh, I forgot about the Kimono dance. How am I going to dance with this ankle?”
“Mama sent two Kimonos. I think she said the purple was for Tia Anna. You don’t have to dance. Mama said you could sway. She said she’d come here tomorrow to show Tia Anna the movements. She won’t take no for an answer because it’s for charity. Hey where’d you get that Bounce? You better not take your night time pill tonight Tia Isola. Your Bounce works better than any pill! Now no dancing tonight you two.”
“ Great idea let’s have another half bounce and I’ll not take a pill tonight. I never liked taking drugs anyway.” said Isola with a huge smile.
After drinks and some catching up the two ladies went inside to look at the Kimonos. The purple one will fit you well and it’s not too long for you. When we get there tomorrow the girls will first whiten our faces so we look like the Geisha and fit us with wigs. The lady that would have worn your Kimono is in New Mexico. She was to be back but she extended her stay because her daughter was having her first child and the little darling took his good old time at getting here. The new parents named him Robert. You know Maria if she says you dance then you dance….even with a sprained ankle. Now I want more bounce! We better go in and have coffee huh?”
“Yes , I think so and how about a look at those Kimono.”
©Julia A Knaake

Two Large Suitcases 19

Two Large Suitcases 19

Aunty thanked Georgio for the Basil saying it would be used for sure. He showed Anna and Danny where to place the pots and how not to over water so the roots would not rot. He also said they were from Madam Isola.
“She twisted her ankle and wished you were at her house for a few days.” said Georgio.
“I know she did. We write often on computer and she called a couple of times. She said she wished I were closer too.” said Anna.
Danny said he could bring Aunty up tomorrow as today he had an important business meeting in town. I will drive carefully because of the clearance problem or borrow a truck from a friend.
“You could catch a ride up with me if you like. Aunty has an extra bedroom in her little house. She said she would not need a garage for a vehicle so she turned that into a workshop. She does love to putter out there. The internet and cell service work well up on the property. You know everyone up there so if you wish I will take you. My parents will welcome you.”
Anna thought it over and Georgio said he would be back in about three hours. He had two more lawns to do first.
Anna called Madam Isola letting her know she would be coming up for a few days. She had her back pack packed with clothes, cherry pink walking shoes and pills. She wore a sweater, long sleeve shirt, trousers, hat and boots. She also had her laptop, flashlight, phone and little radio. Aunty also carried her reversible poncho she had made long ago. One side international orange the other woodland camouflage.
Exactly three hours later Georgio was at the door to pick up Aunty Anna for the drive to Rancho Mamá. Della had a shoe box filled with Banana muffins for Maria, including the recipe and a jar of homemade fig preserves.
Danny had a bundle of his clothes he never wore anymore and some T-shirts given to him at trade shows he would never wear. He also had a few pair of shoes that were slightly worn and beach shoes he never wore. He said they were for Lupe’s church men.
Aunty also had a box of assorted yarns she had been saving for her “rainy day project” to give to Madam Isola. “I will teach your Tia Isola to crochet squares and put them together to make lap robes for the old folks home. It should keep her busy for a while and off her foot.” laughed Anna.
The ride up was smooth because Georgio drove the road five times a week and knew all the smooth spots.
Madam Isola was there waiting for her. She was sitting in a wicker chair with her foot up on a small cushion on a footstool.
Anna was welcomed by everyone. Maria took the shoe box of banana muffins and fig preserves. The muffins she would cut into fourths and place them on a platter for a dessert to go with tonight’s dinner. They were going to have watermelon and the muffins would be enjoyed by all. Maria had other plans for the fig preserves. They would make a wonderful center addition to the two layer cakes she would be making Saturday night for Sunday dinner.
Lupe was very pleased to receive the clothing for the men in his church group. Many were very poor and these clothes would be very suitable for them to wear to job interviews. The shoes also. Lupe was happy the gently worn shoes had been polished and well attended to. Some looked almost new.
“Anna you look so fit and trim. What have you been doing with your life? I was doing well until I sprained my ankle.” Said Madam Isola.

“Oh, Della and I walk every day. we’ve been over at Roses a few days helping her out. She has a sprained wrist. She’s getting her gate and fence shored up by Mr Haddad. She taught us a few Greek Mexican recipes. Oh yes I met Sybil. She said her birthday was the 11th. I gave her a newish looking pink flowered hankie. Theodore will deliver it to her,” said Anna.
“After dinner we’ll go up to my little cottage. Tomorrow I want to go something with the lemons. Maybe make some Lemon Curd. Maybe make us some Lemon Drops is a better idea. Except I won’t be able to dance.” laughed Madam Isola.

“My herb garden is growing well. The Rosemary is full of blossoms right now. I also am altering a few dresses Charlie’s daughter gave me. She wore them in Africa but did not want to part with them until she saw I loved the colors.”
After dinner Georgio helped Tia Isola up into a little goat driven cart and he and Anna walked up to her cottage. Madam Isola gave the goat a carrot and petted her on the head.
Inside the cottage Anna set up her clothes in the area provided, hooked up her laptop and gave Della a call letting her know she was in the cottage with Madam Isola. There was a new sign in the cottage.

Learn not to be poor. Be happy.

© Julia A Knaake

Two Large Suitcases 18

Two Large Suitcases 18
The next day, before the gardeners came, Anna went to the backyard to have coffee. She had a small package with Sybil on a tiny tag tied with a pink ribbon. Inside was an old bright hankie. She put it into the tin box for Theodore knowing he would be invited to the party. She also had a small plastic bag with a cinnamon Graham cracker.
She was interrupted by a noise near the gate. It was a peacock landing on the fence near the garage.
“Don’t let him see me or he will try to peck me. Thanks for the coffee.” said Theodore.
“Howdy Theodore. I put a cinnamon cracker in the box for you and a gift for Sybil’s birthday next week. I knew you would get it to her in case I did not get back over to Rose’s house in time.”
“She will be 125 on the 11th. I’m surprised she talked to you right away. She is usually more careful around strangers.”
“She heard me singing and she was singing along with me. I think I caught her off guard. She was sitting under a large Rhubarb leaf. I happen to like Rhubarb and was going to ask Rose if I could have some to bring back home.”
“ Sybil loves to sing. When we all get together and go up to the woods, where my Mother lives, for the annual family reunion Sybil sings nonstop.”
Anna said she liked it up there and hoped she got to go back someday.
“Madam Isola sings along with her. She lets us look through her do-dad box also. I think some call it a junk drawer. She sets it out on the patio then walks down to family barbq. Some of our elf and pixie folk are quite shy around humans. When Madam Isola leaves wearing her red straw hat we know she is signaling she will not be back for a few hours. The coast is clear for our shy ones. If an item is in the do-dad box we can take it. I especially like the little salt packets that end up in her do-dad drawer. We use it in re-hydrating a sick person. We add a small part to water with lemon. Sometimes we leave her a seed pod or a colorful pebble. She seems to like these gifts.” said Theodore.
Danny came out to the back carrying two cups of coffee and a plate of banana muffins.
“Hello Aunty. Della made us banana muffins for breakfast. We see you out here mumbling to yourself and want to know what inspires you out here. May we join your morning view?” asked Danny.
“Actually I was writing a poem see:
Thee That Have Faith
It’s Never Too Late
To Press Onward
Do Not Roll Over
And Give Up Do Not
One Needs To Fight
More Courage Needed
For Going Forward
It’s Not Too Late
Your Courage Is Rising
The Tide Is Turning
Thee That Have Faith
It’s Never Too Late
To Be On The Side
Of Righteousness
Do Not Roll Over
Nor Give Up…Do Not
~ Anna
“Aunty, this is beautiful. You should have it published.” cried Della.
“No, I do not think so. I do not want to go through all that. I do need to get one of those empty page books with the binding. I think I could use three of them. Next time we go to a big mall I’ll look in a book store. That’s where they used to sell them.” said Anna.
“Why three books? Asked Danny.
“ One for poems, one for recipes and one for stories. Right Aunty Anna?” said Della.
“You certainly do know your Aunty.” said Anna.
The trio chatted a while longer while eating the muffins and drinking coffee.
They heard Georgio’s truck pull up to the front parking spot. He was here to cut the grass only today. He and his assistant got out of the truck but each carried a small pot.
“Ola Tia Anna. Tia Isola sent you some Basil.”
With the slight distraction Anna stuffed a muffin in the tin box for Theodore and friends. Della saw her from the side of her eye but pretended to not notice. Della wondered if Aunty Anna had met Theodore? She thought to herself I hope so. I never told Danny because he would think me mad. I hope there is a Theodore and Aunty has spoken to him.
“Della, Della, where is your mind wandering? Look at the beautiful pots of Basil. We can make Aunty some bruschetta in a couple of months.” said Danny.
“ Danny, Aunty Anna is the one that taught me to make bruschetta!”
©Julia A Knaake

Two Large Suitcases 17

Two Large Suitcases 17

Aunty Anna made sure she gave her email to Carl in case he ever needed help with his Grandmother Rose. Anna was closer to Rose in age and if she ever needed anyone to confide in it would be better than her young grandson.

Walking towards the vegetable garden Anna sang:

Que Será, Será

When I was just a little girl,
I asked my mother, “What will I be?”
“Will I be pretty, will I be rich?”
Here’s what she said to me.

Que será, será,
Whatever will be, will be.
The future’s not ours to see.
Que será, será,
What will be, will be.

When I grew up and fell in love.
I asked my sweetheart what lies ahead.
“Will we have rainbows, day after day?”
Here’s what my sweetheart said.

Que será, será,
Whatever will be, will be.
The future’s not ours to see.
Que será, será,
What will be, will be.

Now, I have children of my own.
They ask their mother, “What will I be?”
“Will I be handsome, will I be rich?”
I tell them tenderly.

Que será, será,
Whatever will be, will be.
The future’s not ours to see.
Que será, será,
What will be, will be.

Anna liked it that Rose was fierce to keep her independence. If Anna had the funds she would have her own place and be more independent.

Over under a large rhubarb leaf, off in the corner she heard a tiny voice singing along with her. There on a burl like the root of the old Mission Fig tree sat a really old looking little Fairy. She was dressed in a faded old pink flower handkerchief.

“Hello. Who are you? I’m Sybil.”

“Hello Sybil. I’m Anna.”

“You’re that friend of Theodore’s aren’t you? He sent me one of those pink buttons you gave him. We love the gifts you give him to disperse among the fairy world.”

“Yes I’m the friend of Theodore. We sit out in the backyard and have coffee and cookies. Sometimes in the morning and sometimes afternoon. I set up an old box to store his goodies in so the birds or other critters don’t eat them.”

“Next week I will be 125. My birthday will be on the 11th. I hope I get lots of pink things. Pink is my favorite color.”

“Happy Birthday early Sybil. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.”
“ Thanks. I have to go. I hear someone calling you.”

“Aunty Anna we have to go soon. We’re taking Grandma Rose to the store then we’ll be back.” called Darla.

The three ladies arrived at Gelsons and Jocko was in the parking lot gathering a few left behind carts. He was also picking up stray trash.

“Giagiá Róouz mou leípeis chthes. Eícha ploúsia stafýlia gia esás.
( Grandma Rose I missing you yesterday. Had luscious grapes for you.)” said Jocko

Rose answered him saying: “Jocko ímoun spíti. O Karl eíche scholeío. Érchomai símera
(Jocko I was home. Carl had school. I come today.) “

“Vlépo kai me dýo ypéroches kyríes
(I see and with two lovely ladies)” replied Jocko with his huge toothy smile.

Anna and Della were introduced and Jocko in an impressive bow lifted each ladies hand and gently touched it with soft lips.

“Welcome to Gelsons. When you are finished inside shopping I unload your bags and boxes into your auto.” Said Jocko with pride in his English language skills.

Inside Darla pushed the cart for Rose while Anna helped put items in the cart.

Rose had a list written out and she carried it with her.

thin flatbread
garlic cloves
4 Avocados
4 large plum tomatoes
24 large peeled and deveined shrimp

“My this is a lot of food. Can I help you when we get back to your house? “ asked Anna.

“ Thank you Anna. Without the use of one hand it will be faster. I have to feed those four men when we get back and you and Darla plus myself. I’m getting hungry. That cup of coffee did not go far today. Tomorrow I’ll go back to my regular breakfast.” laughed Rose.

Anna peeled the ripe avocados then cut them each in half.
In a bowl she gently mixed the finely diced the tomatoes, added 2 cups of crumbled feta, chopped cilantro adding two teaspoons Greek oregano and salt and pepper to taste. Finishing it off with four tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.
Meanwhile Rose cooked the shrimp quickly in olive oil. When close to finish she put in a splash of Ouzo then as the heat burned off the alcohol she set up the flat breads and distributed the avocado slices and other ingredients along with the shrimp. Anna helped her roll them and seal them with a toothpick.
Lunch was served outside at the picnic along with fresh squeezed lemonade.
©Julia A Knaake

Two Large Suitcases 16

Two Large Suitcases 16

Aunty Anna stirred a bit then woke up and Pepper mewed. Darla was there saying they were home finally.

“We were caught in a crazy rainstorm and had to pull into a parking lot. We could not see where we were going. The window wipers were on high speed. Danny pulled us into an empty car wash slot of all things. We sat there and watched the rain then the hail come pelting down. Big as moth balls! We were glad we were under cover. I think it was about twenty minutes then the sun came out. The streets were partly in water as the drains were clogged but we got out to the highway and headed back home.

“I’m glad you made it home safely. Pepper and I were taking a little cat nap.”

“Aunty it smells of wonderful mixed aromas down here. Have you and Pepper been cooking?” asked Danny.

“Well, yes, I made the Navy Bean Soup and it’s on low in the crock pot. Pepper got into my Ma’s recipes and made the Peach Cobbler. Go for it.”

Danny and Darla both dug into the soup with gusto. Aunty had a small cup of soup and a small piece of cobbler. Not Danny and Darla they both had large bowls and a large piece of cobbler.

“Where did you find the fresh peaches Aunty? They are not in season?” asked Darla.

“Not fresh. Canned and the recipe uses Baking mix. It was Ma’s recipe.”

Anna went over to the cabinet where she kept a cookbook and a folder. She brought out the folder and pulled out:

Ma’s Easy Oven Peach Cobbler

1 large drained can of sliced peaches.
1 cup of Bisquick mix.
1 cup of milk.
½ tsp of nutmeg.
½ tsp of cinnamon.
½ cup of melted butter.
1 cup of sugar.
Cool Whip or real whipped cream.

How to:
Mix together the Bisquick mix, milk, nutmeg and cinnamon in an 8×8 baking dish until well combined then mix in the melted butter.

In a bowl, mix the sugar and peaches and spoon over the crust.

In a preheated oven to 375° bake for 50 minutes.

Top with Cool Whip or real whipped cream. before serving.

Easy and sweet! There’s no better dessert than a nice peach cobbler with some Cool Whip or real whipped cream. on top.

Danny and Darla both said she could make the soup any time she wanted and Pepper could “make” the
cobbler once in a while. If the cobbler was around all the time they both would never fit into the door!
“Charlie wrote an e-mail saying Carl came by and said his Grandmother Rose had broken her wrist. Charlie thought he’d let us know in case we wished to visit with her. I’d like to go visit her tomorrow. She might need a little help in her back yard.”

“Aunty Anna that’s a good idea. I think we ought to go over tomorrow in the car in case she needs to go to the store.” said Darla.

The next day Darla dove her car over to Rose’s home. A note from inside the porch window had a handwritten note stating if Rose did not answer the door to go directly to the backyard.
There she was in her large sunhat speaking to two gentlemen. Her grandson Carl was there with another young man helping the team.
“Hello Anna. Darla. I’m being aided by Phillip Haddad, his son Eddie and Phillip’s grandson Albert. Please do come and meet them.”

Carl, put his shovel next to the fence, waved, and came over to see Anna and Darla.

“Charlie sent you the message about Grandma Rose. I would have sent it but did not have your e-mail. My friend Albert and I come over every day to see Grandma. I told her I’d stay overnight but she will have none of that “babying her” as she calls it. Today Albert’s Grandpa Phillip Haddad and his father Edward are redesigning Grandmothers backyard fence. Some parts are rusted and falling apart. She is afraid her little dog Benny would get out again. She was very grateful Darla and Anna had found him the last time he escaped.
Rose’s grandson Carl and Albert were school friends. Today they were both home helping out Carl’s Grandma Rose by digging her vegetable plots. Rose would be out there tomorrow showing the two young men where to plant the vegetables. Carl already knew because he had been helping Grandma Rose with her garden since he was three.
Darla and aunty Anna were invited to stay and meet Mr Haddad. Anna was happy to stay because she wanted to know more about the ironwork gate and fence decorations he was creating for Rose. He was a talented man and probably an interesting person.
© Julia A Knaake

Margo 22

Margo 22

Not at all Margo. I have loved you all my life. Ever since we were little children. I was that skinny weakling that you kept building up. You gave me confidence to stand up to those bullies. I love you my Margo.
The reason I fret is that I do not know if I will have enough funds for us to live in a proper place when we are wed. I have been looking for rentals. The small one bedroom rentals we can afford are filthy. I would never take my wife to live there. I would take you up to the forest tower for it is cleaner. I am not myself these days. Do you forgive me.”
By now Max’s Papa had left the room and went into another room to call Benny. “ We have to tell them their gift now. Max and Margo are all upset.”
“ I’ll be right over and I’ll get Maggie to follow us down to the three forests. The electricity was hooked up today. Last week we hooked into the water line. Except for the internet it’s ready to move in today. Margie and Ka even sparsely decorated it downstairs. They even put bedding up stairs. I guess we better surprise the “rental” on them tonight. I’m going to miss my dinner tonight.” laughed Benny.
Pastor Riley clued his wife in on what the others were doing. She called Margie and said she would bring paper plates, cups, napkins and plastic silverware, along with rolls, jam and butter. The Riley crew started out for the forest driving slowly so the others could catch up. Papa was almost to the forest then said he really had to use the bathroom. He hurried into a grove of trees. He ran up the hill and looked down on the new little house. He saw that Benny was there so he ran back down the hill towards the car.
“ Papa you are out of breath. Did you see a bear out there?
No but all the deer are there.”
“All the deer?” asked Margo.
“Yes all nine.” said Papa.
Max and Margo looked at each other with concerned eyes wide open. They both looked at each other mouthing nine?
As they turned the corner there it was in it’s shining glory sitting up on a cement slab and slightly raised on cement columns. The beautiful tiny house.
“Well it’s about time you got here. We have an affordable rental for you after you are married. All we ask is that you pay your rent on time and you take care of the property as if it were your own home. When we retire, again, we might be moving here some day.” laughed Grandfather.
Now Max and Margo understood nine. It meant nine people not nine deer. Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunt Ka, Margo’s parents and sisters plus the Martins totaled nine.
Aunt Ka told them everyone they knew in town had told her Max was looking at rentals. He was very particular about what he wished to rent.
“It had to be very clean, fairly quiet, not fancy and very safe plus affordable to his income. Why some of my friends thought you two had secretly eloped.”
Max and Margo both said that would never happen. “We have planned this marriage since I was ten. Remember Grandmother. The extra cedar chest is starting to bulge. My first item was the beautiful quilt with the trees. Every year I have filled it with items.” said Margo laughing.
“We will make sure it is here when you move into your first tiny home.” said
Finally that day did come. Margo wore Grandmothers wedding gown just as her mother had worn it twenty three years before. It was a simple wedding at Max’s fathers church. Pastor Martin married the two and Cheryl and Cindy Lou were bride attendants. Two small boys from the parish were picked to be groom attendants.
Once Pastor Riley said: I pronounce you man and wife you may kiss the bride you could hardly get the two apart.
“Wow, we have been waiting for a kiss on the lips from each other for eleven years. It was worth it.” said Margo. Max just stood there and beamed. The whole parish was invited to share cake after the ceremony.
The next Sunday Max told the parishioners he was going to another parish the next coming Sunday to cover for another pastor, as part of his studies to become a pastor.
“One of these days I will have my own church but I rather like traveling to other parishes and meeting people. Here is the sermon I would have said here next Sunday”
Lord I come before You, desiring to provide thanks.
Father, I have so much to be thankful for, things unseen and seen,
that You have done in my life.
Lord, mostly I am thankful for the relationship that I have with You.
Lord, You initiated this relationship, by what Your Son endeavored to accomplish,
paying the price for my sin, redeeming and reconciling me.
Dear Heavenly Father, You know the times I have been ungrateful, held ill thoughts toward You and my fellow humans. You know the times I complain and grumble about life and its circumstances, about suffering, going through what seem endless trials and tribulations. Even yielding my members to unholy deeds.
Yet God You are and always will be there with me, even when it seems like I am forever in the wilderness, running further and further from You, You, my God are there guiding me back to Your loving arms.
I am thankful Lord for everything that You allow to cross my path. Thankful for the decisions that You allow me to make and the lessons that come from these decisions.
I’m thankful, Lord, that I do not have to live under condemnation anymore, that You have truly set me free, that I am a new creation that I need not live under the law anymore. Thankful Lord that You have given me joy unspeakable. Thankful Lord that You are long suffering, allowing me to mature in You!
Lord, words do not express my thankfulness. For Your mighty power is at work in me, transforming me, renewing my mind. To You Lord belong thanks eternal.
In Jesus’ name, amen.
Lord, there are marvelous things that I do not know, nor can I comprehend.
Lord, things that happen in my life, and things that happen in my friends lives.
Lord, I desire to be thankful, to appreciate everything that comes across my path.
Lord, so often life hurts, I get angry — upset, I do not understand, yet Lord You ask me to be thankful for everything, and have faith – thank You.
Lord, help me to be thankful, when the rains come on the just and the unjust, that You care so much about me, that Your to chasten, to build character and godliness in me, to be a mirrored reflection of Your Son to reach others.
Lord, I thank You for mercy, for the hunger for righteousness, for forgiveness, for purity, for providing for my needs.
Lord, I thank You for prayer, That I can come before You and call You Father.
That I can cast my burdens on You.
Lord, I thank You for my heart, the treasure and light You placed in there — the Holy Spirit.
Lord, help me to endeavor, to be thankful for everything.
Lord, it seems most of the time, what happens is about me.
Lord, I thank you that You gently remind me that the things are not about me, however, my life and what happens is more about You, Your will, and Your Kingdom.
Lord, I thank You, I praise You. Lord, in You do I find strength and courage to go on.
Lord, I thank You for the author and finisher of my faith – Jesus Christ and that in You is hope everlasting.
Lord, I thank You for the blood of Jesus, Your precious lamb.
Thank You Lord God!
in Jesus’ name, amen.
It was a magical setting. Margo and Max would live there forever.
They would have future stories to tell their children about their adventures.
©Julia A Knaake

Margo 21

Margo 21
Grandfather, Grandmother,Aunt Ka along with Margo’s parents Rebecca and Samuel and Max’s parents all got together at the grandparents’ home.

“Our Max and Margo have agreed that we will plan their wedding for them as long as it is simple, in the grandparents’ garden and officiated by Max’s father.“ laughed Aunt Ka.
“Now you four ladies will make it simple won’t you?” laughed Grandfather.
“Dad, stop laughing. You know we will respect Margo and Max’s simple list of wishes. We ladies all got together yesterday at Aunt Ka’s and figured out the cake, food and drink menu. Cheryl and Cindy Lou will bring flowers from our gardens and place them on the set tables the morning of the wedding.
Some of the local high school boys will set up the chairs for the wedding. We ladies can take care of the picnic tables. We even rented a few folding picnic tables.” said Rebecca.
Grandfather Benny asked his son in law Samuel and Pastor Riley to take a walk with him. They ended down where the three forest properties met.
“Dad, you have been working very hard down here. When did you put in this cement slab? Why did you put these concrete footings here? What’s up?” asked Samuel.
“ Ah, yes and so have The Martins. Glen and Audrey along with Margie and I knew these two would need a place to live at the beginning of their marriage. Some day when we finally pass on to our maker our home will go to Rebecca and Samuel so we’re keeping it for now.
Now in the meantime we can help our three granddaughters in their beginning adult lives.
Margo the oldest will need a place to stay. Knowing these two they will insist on paying us rent. We will take it of course and save it in a special Margo and Max fund for future use. We do not need the money but they may someday in the future. They just will not know what we are doing.
Now I will hand our little speech to Benny because I hear trucks in the distance.” said Margie.
“My dearest Margie, you timed that right. Here come the trucks hauling our tiny home. There’s Glen and Audrey.” laughed Benny.
Now they all knew that the tiny home was placed there for Margo and Max as their starter home. Benny and Margie would keep it there as a guest cottage when Margo and Max were wed. Later they would move in whenever they retire.
Margo finally got her degree and actually was stationed to a small forest only twenty miles from Max’s parents’ home.
“It is a small start for me and three days in the forest with two days in the office. I also can continue my studies when not attending to the duties of the day.
Max on the other hand was happy and sad. Happy he was accepted by the deacons of the church to continue making sermons at his fathers church. Saddened that he would not be working out in the towers anymore. His new job would be mostly driving from tower to tower Monday through Friday.
This meant he would be able to return home at night. Sad because he did not know where home would be. He hoped they might find a suitable rental.
When Margo and Max went to their church for their final pre wedding lessons his father saw that he was not behaving his happy ol Max self. Finally during one of these sessions
Margo asked Pastor Riley:
“ Pastor Riley when Max and I are married I will be able to call you Father or Papa and Max’s Mother Mother or Mama. Right? Also I will be able to confide in either of you as I do with my own parents. Max in turn will confide with my parents.”
“Why yes of course this is all true. Do you wish to ask me something right now?”
“Yes I do! I want Max to listen also. Future Papa today should be a happy day for both of us. My new job that is close to the people I love and his new job that will bring him home every evening.
Why oh why are you so sad Max? If you are having second thought about our marriage or if the date we picked needs to be moved I can deal with that. You have known me since we were children. I am very practical and quite sensible. What is wrong? It is quite upsetting to me? We must not begin our marriage with unhappiness. “
asked Margo with a sad face.
It was a magical setting. Margo could live here forever
©Julia A Knaake