She Walks In Confidence 12

She Walks In Confidence 12

She Walks In Confidence 12
The next day Rosie spent the day with Pamela and Robert. They were going to go visit Rupert in hospital. She asked if Naomi could come along to show them where the sights were. Her parents agreed. Robert had rented an auto to get them around town. The only car they had was a jeep and it was a stick drive.
“We will not have a manual drive in until this afternoon.” said the attendant.
“I can drive a stick but I’m too young to have a license. Why not have Rosie drive. You ought to have seen her up on the flats where the plane was stuck! ” piped up Naomi.

Robert sneered “Rosie? You are now called Rosie? My word. How quaint.”

Pamela clapped her hands saying:
“Never mind my husband the stuffed shirt. Rosie I’m very proud of you. Let’s have you drive today. I know we’ll have a fun day.”

Rosie all signed in for one day’s driving took off out of the lot carefully. When she had driven a few miles Robert started in on the lecture of driving too fast, too close. Anything else he could think of to be a backseat pain in the arse.
They were driving in the direction of the hospital when Naomi asked Rosie to take a right turn. They were going down a bumpy dirt road.
Rosie looked at Naomi who gave her the thumbs up. They reached an open field. Two boys were there with an older jeep. Naomi spoke to them. She talked to Rosie. Rosie said yes. She asked Pamela for ten dollars. They paid the boys a total of twenty dollars.

Naomi knew the boys and they gave Pamela and Robert the drag race of their life! Pamela laughed the whole time while Robert turned white as a sheet.

Naomi thanked the boys and they took off gingerly to the hospital.

The story was repeated to Rupert who laughed so robustly the nurses came in to see if he was in any

After seeing Rupert the four went for lunch at a local outside Greek cafe that was suggested by Naomi. The food was delicious. They returned the jeep to the car rental. Robert got himself a Buick and was quite content to drive. He never again complained about Rosie’s driving.
Back at Rosemary’s by the Sea Robert pulled into the parking lot of the unit where they were staying.
He got out and started wiping off the car of dust.
The ladies saw Bill and Jack were busy white washing the fence at the unit next to the office.
Both men donned straw hats.
“Rosemary thinks the two of us are related to Tom Sawyer!” laughed Bill.

“Now hold still. This is so funny. Best thing I’ve seen all day. I have to get a picture of you two.” said Rosie.

“ I rather think the best thing I’ve seen all day is my husband get outmaneuvered by a woman in driving skills.”said Pamela.

The two men looked dumbfounded. Pamela said let’s go sit at the table and let Rosemary and Cynthia in on our adventures of the day. Pamela told the story and embellished and exaggerated on every detail she could at the expense of her dear husband.

Saturday the men cooked lunch all day. It was Bar B Q days. They dressed in their western clothing and some locals they knew would bring their guitars and sing and play all day or their lunches.
Rosemary, Cynthia, Rosie and Naomi took to the yard sales of the day. There were plenty going on. The clothes were cheap. Rosie found some beautiful Pendleton Skirts.
“They are not outdated. Why do people get rid of these skirts. I know this one cost eighty dollars. I have one at home just like it. They are asking two dollars!”

“They want new. The old clothes are sold and out of the way so they go buy new clothes. Not as well made but new for a while. A vicious circle. I have clothes that I bought ten years ago. They are well made and when I tire of them they go in a trunk with Lavender sachets. I reuse my clothes until I tire of them.” said Rosemary.

Rosie said she did the same thing with her clothes.
“I’m going to go through some of my shoes and boots when I get back home. My special diet for gout from Cynthia has made my feet less swollen. Who knows perhaps some of those shoes at home will still fit.
I’ll still show the items to Naomi for the Honeybee closet before I send them to you.” said Rosie with a big smile.

Naomi found some sheet music and the vendor said to take it all for one dollar. Naomi asked Rosie who said to grab it.
The ladies returned home happy with their purchases. Bill was happy he had put a big long rack up on top the Nomad.

She had a vivid imagination and would carry it on for the rest of her life.

©Julia A Knaake

Kosmas 29

Kosmas 29

Saalima told Tomaso she enjoyed the poetry of e e cummings and invited him outside to share a cold lemon water.

“Thank you for helping make the room a pleasant place for your parents. They will need a place to rest when they arrive.”

“I know my parents and on a thirty two hour flight they will treat it as a regular day. They will eat, exercise, use their computers and sleep just like a regular day. They are always busy and never bored. They are both bundles of energy. I hope this vacation slows them down just a little so they can smell the roses.” smiled Tomaso.

Saalima showed him her tiny vegetable garden.

“I love these tiny tomatoes and hope they continue to grow all summer long. I would like to grow them in the winter if I could.”

“I am thinking you may be able to grow them all year long if you can find a protected place in the colder months. My Mother might show you a way. She is the designer of the winery grape rows. When others had freezing problems she did not. Mama is very clever with plants.”

Cicero and Melina Ambrosia arrived on time and Saalima and Tomaso were there to pick them up. Saalima had a rack on top of the cab to hold their large knapsacks. Tomaso and his Papa Cicero sat in the back on cushions. Their two boxes of wine from the Ambrosia Winery sat next to the men. Melina sat in the passenger seat. Saalima and Melina chatted up front all the way to Saalima’s home. Tomaso was correct; they loved the room. It was still light enough outside for them to enjoy the view. The Cafe was closed but Saalima had arranged for a small private party.

Kosmas, Leto, Jocasta and Moraitis were there waiting. They had made salads and bread. Adelpha and Aristotle were on their way with some home made cheese.

Demetrius and Endora walked over to meet the guests and they all went to the cafe for the welcome party.

Cicero and Melina enjoyed meeting everyone and shared a case of their wine. Around two am the party ended. Tomaso hitched a ride with Kosmas and told his parents he would see them tomorrow.

The next morning Adelpha and Aristotle brought Cicero and Melina to Adelpha’s house. They came to see the goats and Adelpha’s paintings.

“I love your brilliant paintings. Do you ever sell them?” asked Melina.

“I tried here in Ikaria but have not made much money on them. I usually give them away.” said Adelpha.

“Well, you stop giving them away. When Cicero and I go back home we will take photos, blow them up as posters and hang them in our winery. Who knows you may get some sales.” said Melina

Later on that day while Cicero was hanging out with the guys Saalima and Leto took Melina on a tour. Mainly to see the properties for sale in and around Ikaria.

One place was only forty acres. There were two houses on the property along with a barn and a tractor with tools inside. A few other buildings were on the property. Melina could see it was an old vineyard. Very neglected but the grapes were still flavorful.

They walked around with the Realtor looking inside the big house. It was old but sound. Easy to change and update. The small house was locked. The Realtor thought he had the keys and went back to his car. Melina thought she heard a woman crying. They walked around to the back of the house and there was a tiny lady, in her ninety’ sobbing. The lady looked up and saw the ladies.

“I will be out of here soon. I do not want to leave.” she wailed with sad eyes.

“Why do you have to leave?” asked Melina.

“My grandson says I have to leave and go live with him in America. They don’t want me to live here alone and die. I have friends here that stop by every day. I am not really all alone. He said I am too old to be alone.” she sobbed.

“Well that is not good at all. I like this property and if my husband and I buy it you can stay here in the little house. In fact, until we move into the big house you could be the caretaker. This would be your house and I would pay you for watching the property and keeping vandals out of the vineyard.” said Melina.

The lady was so happy she called her grandson in America. Melina explained to him that she and husband would be happy with his grandmother living on the property.

“Now we will not worry about her and the money will go into a bank account for her future.” said the grandson.

Cicero viewed the property and they made the deal. Agatha Papadopoulos would be their caretaker and live in the little house for the rest of her life.

©Julia A Knaake

Kosmas 28

Kosmas 28

Cicero and Melina Ambrosia had owned wineries and small restaurants almost all their married lives. They were in excellent health and had some more years to enjoy their lives. Cicero was 72 and Melina 71. Now that their only child was living in Ikaria they decided they would go visit this remarkable lady Saalina. She seemed like a wonderful business woman.

Melina and Saalima had become chatty online and Saalima had told her a bit of her former husband and his woman lover. She and husband had a finalized uncontested divorce. Saalima owned her business outright and her property. She was not interested in another husband.

Melina was happy to hear that for now lest their son and Melina would wish to wed.

Cicero and Melina Ambrosia were quite well off and with only one child. They would hope he would use his inheritance wisely when they were gone. Melina and Saalima were going to look at the properties for sale in Ikaria. Thinking ahead in case the Ambrosia’s decided to return to their homeland. Nothing would be mentioned to Cicero and Tomaso at this time.

Tomaso dropped by Saalima’s early next morning as she had asked to prepare the bedroom for his parents.

“I hope your parents will like this room, It is upstairs and there is a small bathroom with shower.” said Saalima.

She led him into a room pouring in with morning sunlight. Almost all the walls were covered in paintings.

Saalima told Tomaso it was not exactly the Zalipie style painting in Poland but close. She told him the story about the Polish husband that painted this house for his Greek wife.

“I fell in love with this home when it was revealed to me and I will never paint a wall or other thing he made or painted. It is a house of love.” replied Saalina.

She pointed to the windows that had no coverings telling him she could put temporary spring loaded rods and curtains on them if there would be too much morning sun.

“Oh, no. Mama and Papa will love the sunlight. The room is great. I think if it is OK with you I will move the bed just a bit closer to the wall. Mama likes to be near the wall and Papa doesn’t. There is a warm rug for Mama to walk bare feet and a big comfortable chair for Papa to read. If you have some books for him to read that would be nice. The little table will be great for Mama to do her business reports on the winery. If they fall in love with this room they just might make you an offer to buy.” said Tomaso. laughing.

“Never will I sell this house. I will live here the rest of my life. I am fifty five and am quite comfortable with myself,but perhaps I may find a new gentleman in my future. All I wish for would be happiness for both of us.” said Saalima.

“I am fifty three but have not found a special lady as of yet. I thought I had one about twenty years ago. I heard her at a party telling her friend she was grooming “The boring poetry bookworm” so she could marry him and his parents’ winery.

I was not spying on her. I happened to be in the alcove near the coat rack looking for another guest’s sweater. She even went on to tell this friend she was going to get in good with the old man.

I gave the guest her sweater then heard a big commotion out by the pool. The friend had told Mama what Sharon had said to her. Sharon did not realize the one she thought was a friend was really one of Mama’s good friends’ daughters. Anyway there was a big splash in the pool with Sharon climbing out with no dignity. She was swearing obscenities like a tired wet dock worker waiting for the late lunch wagon.”

Saalima laughed so hard there were tears in her eyes saying she had the feeling that his Mama and she would get along very very well.

After the room was ready Saalima asked him to come into her living room and pick out the books he thought his Papa would enjoy reading. He picked out a few Zane Grey books.

“I love reading Zane Grey. My Papa introduced me to them long ago. Most of these were his. I inherited them when he passed.” said Saalima.

Tomaso told her he loved to read poetry. He recited:

[i carry your heart with me (i carry it in]


i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) i am never without it (anywhere i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done by only me is your doing,my darling)

i fear no fate (for you are my fate,my sweet) i want no world (for beautiful you are my world,my true)

and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant

and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows

(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud

and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows

higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)

and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

~ e. e. cummings

©Julia A Knaake

Kosmas 27

Kosmas 27
Tomaso Ambrosia was an excellent guest. He kept the shed clean and neat. He also helped Kosmas with his small olive grove when he was not working early mornings at the Cafe.
Together they pruned the trees so the sunlight would reach all the branches. There was one small tree out of place so they dug it up and replanted into a sunny location hoping it would grow.
Meanwhile The ladies all planned a little BBQ welcome party for Tomaso up in Saalima’s orchard. He was fitting in very well at work making new sweets and handheld sandwiches. Saalima was getting lots of orders. She might have to hire another helper part time.
Moraitis was feeling a bit more spry than he had been in the past weeks. His “girdle” was helping his back and he was walking much more spryly.
He saw Kosmas and Tomaso down in the Olive Grove and took the zig zag trail down, stopping along the way to pick some mint to chew on.
“Hey here comes Moraitis. You got down the zig zag. Bravo!” said Kosmas.
“I needed to get my groove back. Made it down very well. Now getting back up might be a problem.” said Moraitis with a laugh.
Tomaso excused himself and went into his shed. He came back with an Olive Wood cane. “Here you go see if this works going back uphill.”“What workmanship. Thank you so much Tomaso. This will do the trick.” replied Moraitis.
Kosmas went into the house and brought back three glasses of red wine. The men sat under a lone chestnut tree and sipped the wine.
Tomaso’s laundry hung on a line and swayed in the wind. Kosmas commented on how he hung the clothes so neatly. Tomaso told him he had learned that feat from his Papa.
“When the laundry is hung neatly then one does not need to hang it on hangers or get out the iron. It’s a good way for a Vagabond to always be presentable and not look like a bum or be chased away from the towns you might travel through. I sure do miss my parents. I do not have a phone yet or I would call them and let them know how well off I am doing in Ikaria. I did write to them. They are happy I am in their old town of Ikaria.”
“I’ll bet Saalima would allow you to use the shop phone or if they have internet her computer after hours. I do not have time for a computer or I would let you use mine.” said Kosmas.
Moraitis looked at his watch and nodded to Kosmas to get the truck started. Kosmas said he was going to town with a load of lemons for Saalima and he would need some help. All three men loaded the truck and got in to make the trip to the Cafe.
“What’s going on. Is there a special party with all these streamers and balloons? I wonder if Saalima needed me to bake?” said a surprised Tomaso.
A big banner saying “Happy One Month Tomaso ” was blowing in the slight breeze of Saalima’s orchard.
Demetrius was at the grill and the long table was set up with all kinds of food and drinks. The shop workers and their families were also invited. They ate and danced and sang for hours. The people with children finally went home and it was down to only the friends.
Saalima brought out her laptop and asked Adelpha and Aristotle to bring Tomaso to the table. She turned on the computer and there was his Mama and Papa. They had a long talk with everyone and finally just Tomaso. After he was done he went to Saalima and gave her a warm thank you hug.
“How did you know my parents email and telephone number?” asked Tomaso.
“Remember I had you fill out your resume when you started working here? I have always checked out my employees to see if they were telling the truth. I have been doing this for years. Yours was nothing different. When I saw how well you fit in and everyone liked you so much I figured you were a good guy. Then I got talking to Kosmas and Leto this afternoon. They told me how much you missed your parents so I contacted them. I even had the girls take secret pictures of you working. We sent them to your parents.” said Saalima.
“We all got together and asked your parents if they would like a second honeymoon in Ikaria. They will be staying at my house for a month. I have the room but I do need a strong man to help me get their room set up for guests. Perhaps tomorrow afternoon.” said Saalima coyly.
©Julia A Knaake

Kosmas 26

Kosmas 26

Saalima was in her back yard sipping fresh coffee and writing on a pad.

“ Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Chestnuts, Chocolate, Cherry and Apricot. These are the favorites now. How am I going to make six different varieties.” she said out loud.

“If you give me a cup of coffee I’ll tell you how to do it.” came a gravelly male voice from over the wall.

“Who, who are you? Why would I give you a cup of my coffee? asked Saalima.

Quickly leaping to the top of the wall a man with a neatly trimmed full beard appeared. He was dressed in old but clean clothing with a red scarf around his neck. He wore shiny well worn shoes and on his head perched a straw hat. He sat on the edge of the wall tipping his hat.

“Tomaso Ambrosia is my name and as I was sitting on the other side of this wall, waking up from a delightful sleep. The warm morning sunlight on my face and a pleasant breeze. I was ready to continue on my journey. When the fragrance of a most pleasant aroma of strong and freshly brewed Greek coffee attacked my nostrils. I was thinking it had a delightful foam on top with sediments at the bottom of the cup.

If the beautiful lady would grant me a cup I will tell her how to make many desserts from one recipe.” gravelly voiced Tomaso Ambrosia spoke with a bow.

Saalima told him to stay where he was and she would speak to him about the problem she had. When she returned Tomaso Ambrosia thanked her for the drink.

“Your coffee is nectar from heaven. A wonderful flavor to fill an empty stranger’s stomach.”

“Oh my Mr. Tomaso Ambrosia, are you thinking that Saalima Smaragda might also give you a cup of yogurt with honey and fruit if you solve her pastry dilemma?” chortled Saalima as she motioned him down to the table.

“ I say you must be making sweets for a large group. Depending on the variety of six it must be Baklava. You make them on six different trays and cut the pieces into different shapes. It can be all done in a day. I know this because I am an unemployed pastry chef.” said Tomaso.

“Well, I do like your idea Mr. Tomaso Ambrosia. You see I own the Fabric shop and the Cafe over there in that big barn. I could have some help in the cafe. I was about to go there and start baking.”

She smiled looking over at Mr. Tomaso Ambrosia, noticing his clean and well clipped fingernails.

“Are there other foods besides pastry you might know about? That is such as hand held items with meat, vegetables or cheeses. Also how are your coffee making skills?” asked Saalima.

Tomaso smiled, thanked her for the coffee. He then rose and hopped back upon the wall. He told her he had to get his bike and knapsack and he would meet her there at the barn Cafe.

When Tomaso arrived at the Cafe he left his bike outside but carried his knapsack inside. “May I leave my belongings inside.” he asked.
Saalima showed him the coat rack and told him to place it up top.

Saalima showed him the bathroom. She told him to wash up and they would have breakfast before Kosmas arrived.

“When Kosmas arrives I will have him speak to you about the foods I need. He is my dear friend and he will help me decide if I should hire you or if you are only looking for a hand out.” she laughed.

They sat down to eat. Tomaso bowed his head and said grace. She asked him to please have more because she saw that he was trying to consume the food slowly. She knew he must be hungry. He told her he was savoring every bite because the food was delicious.

Saalima looked up and saw that Kosmas had arrived. When Tomaso saw Kosmas he had a pleasant look on his face. Kosmas in turn had a big smile.


Tomaso Ambrosia?
Is that you?
I don’t believe it.”

“Kosmas Manos! I knew you left New York, America for Greece. I never thought I would find you in Ikaria.

By now Saalima is elated that the two men knew each other.

Kosmas sat down and the story was told. Kosmas and Tomaso had worked together in the fancy high class restaurants in America. Kosmas left and headed for Greece and Tomaso stayed on for a while.

“The ownership changed and they were all about money. When they told me I had to use margarine instead of butter I left! I found other jobs but they were mediocre. I left New York and worked in other states for a few years. I never forgot all the conversations with you about Greece.
I was born in America but I wanted to see my Greek roots. My parents are still living. After I told them I was going to come to Greece they told me to come to Ikaria and send them a handful of earth. I have yet to send it to them but I will and I will tell them I have found my good friend Kosmas.” said Tomaso.

Kosmas told Saalima Tomaso was an asset to her shop so she hired him. Kosmas told him he could stay at his shed until he got a place to stay.

“There is electricity for reading and a toilet, sink and shower out there. I have a cot and bedding. You can stay there as long as you like. I’m only using it now for a place to hang and dry my herbs.” said Kosmas.

©Julia A Knaake

Kosmas 25

Kosmas 25

Kosmas and Leto were at Saalima’s shop decorating the food section for Leto’s fathers seventy-fifth birthday.

Adelpha, Aristotle and Jocasta were keeping Moraitis busy until three pm. They planned to end back at the shop and surprise him with a party. Aristotle’s old 1960 DKW sedan was roomy enough for the four of them and packages of treasures they might purchase in Raches.

Moraitis actually did want to hunt for a few pots and pans. Raches would be a wonderful place for him to explore. No one had said a word about his birthday. He figured Adelpha and Aristotle did not know but Jocasta had not said a word all morning. That bummed him a little but the day was not over.

The morning was beautiful and they all arrived very hungry. No one had had breakfast except for coffee. Aristotle parked his car near a nice restaurant. They saw a table for four out front where they could see the people walking by.

Moraitis went over then came back saying it was reserved. Adelpha said to wait there and went inside. Soon a waiter came out with four cups of coffee and four awesome creamy bougatsa. The waiter set the pastries in front of Moraitis and said: “Happy Birthday.” Another waiter placed balloons on the umbrella over the table.

Moraitis was quite surprised when the three started singing. Jocasta threw her arms around him and said:

“You really don’t think I would forget your seventy fifth birthday. Adelpha and Aristotle were in on it too.”

They all had a wonderful lingering breakfast watching the people walk past them. People looked at the brightly colored balloons bobbing up and down in the slight breeze.

After breakfast they went to the antique shop. Aristotle found a set of Homer Laughlin Pottery Company’s Mexicana decal-ware. This was a popular line boasting an artfully decorated display of Mexicana decals and hand painted with bold red trim.

“I have been looking for this dinnerware for a long time. I went to a party once and the people had this beautiful set on their table. I wanted these colorful dishes ever since.”

Adelpha agreed they were beautiful and very vibrant.

Meanwhile Jocasta was browsing in the book section and found an illustrated Kama Sutra book for Moraitis. She purchased it and had it wrapped in a newsprint with a simple ribbon then gave it to Moraitis saying: “Happy Birthday my sweetheart.”

Adelpha found an exquisite silk blouse that fit her perfectly. They looked in a few more shops then went back to the car. Aristotle placed his dishes carefully and looked at his watch.

They still had to kill another two hours so he whispered to Adelpha to think up another place to go for two hours before returning to Saalima’s party.

Adelpha motioned to Jocasta for them to go to a beach wear shop. They took their time looking at beachwear. Neither of the sisters cared for the clothing but Adelpha fell in love with the large vibrant towels. “ Aristotle looked at this one. It looks almost like my painting of Galina.” said Adelpha.

Aristotle replied : “Here next to that one is a whole towel in red chili peppers. I think I will buy two and have Saalima combine them together and make me a blanket for my bed.”

After their purchases Aristotle started for home. When he got to the fork in the road he went opposite towards town.

“I’m getting hungry and going to go to Saalima’s to see what hand held foods she has today. Leto and Kosmas were going there today. Kosmas was a chef in the states and said he would help Saalima with her menu. Is everyone with me for some good eats?”

Everyone agreed and they went into town then down the road to the shop.

Entering the food side they saw there was a party going to happen. Happy Birthday Moraitis was called out by everyone. Leto called out Happy Birthday Papa.

Not only was there hand food but also decorated cupcakes and little bags of blue M & M’s wrapped in gold ribbons. Music and dancing added to the celebration.

“ Blue M & M’s? Saalima. How did you know I loved these American sweets?” asked Moraitis.

“Leto told Kosmas and he had a friend in the food industry get them for you. There will be lots of leftovers. I think I will give a bag to each of the customers to take home.” said Saalima.

©Julia A Knaake

Kosmas 24

Kosmas 24

Saalima’s shops were doing well. She was selling many bolts of fabric and patterns. Her shop girls were selling lots of creations to their friends who did not sew. The four shop girls were working out well with Endora in charge when she, Saalima, was not there.

The cafe was not quite established as of yet but Saalima was working on it.


Lemon Water

Hand held foods:

Spanakopita spinach pie slices
Hard Boiled Eggs
Dolmades stuffed with rice

Hand held sweets:

Rizogalo (rice pudding cups)
Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Kosmas and Leto came into the dress shop to buy material. Kosmas needed some curtain material. His curtains had become so faded and shabby. He said he had finally given in. He decided to make himself some new bedroom and kitchen window coverings.
He asked Saalima to help him pick out the right fabrics. Leto was busy talking to one of the shop girls about patterns.

He decided on plain white cotton fabric with silver ring clamp hardware.

“It’s so much easier to clean and if I need to close the curtains the light will still come in from the top. Sometimes I run around inside the house nude, like after a shower, then out to the kitchen for a coffee.” said Kosmas laughing.

Without missing a beat Saalima asked if he also needed privacy curtains in the bedroom. Kosmas answered quickly. Saying that would be an excellent point in picking out the window covering.

Saalima took him over to the section where there were pre-made blinds.

“I think these shades would be suitable for you. I suggest a shade in a pattern such as a nice plaid over the white cafe curtains like you chose for your kitchen. The shade is also a room darkener if you wish to have a nap without the afternoon sun in the bedroom.

Kosmas gave her the measurements for all the windows. She then sewed the sides of the curtains then showed him how to apply the rings. Kosmas picked a light blue plaid with a bit of dark blue and white. When he went to pay her he noticed the menu plans.

She told him her plans and asked his thoughts. Saalima did not know that when Kosmas lived in America he had been a chef. He told her she had picked easy and simple foods.

“You might change the hand held items once a week and see what is liked the most. In America the street vendors had hot dogs and tacos or burritos along with big pretzels.

A friend told me after I left there were vendors selling pizza. I could show you how to make these foods into Greek styles.

Also almost any sweet or cookie would do. Americans on their hurried lifestyle like foods to carry on the go.

” Make it simple and do not have a lot of seating area unless you have someone to clean up.”

Also it will make a lot of sense to say no eating near the fabrics. Sometimes a partition is best so eating and beverages are kept in their own area.
Sometimes Mothers with little children are distracted by the lovely fabrics and do not watch the children.” said Kosmas helpfully.

Saalima thanked him for the great advice saying she certainly would like advice from him on the menu. Leto was finished buying her patterns and fabrics. They went back to Kosmas house and Leto helped him take down the old curtains. He said he might just use them for dish towels after he washed them. He washed the windows and hung the new curtains in the kitchen.
Kosmas went into the bedroom and after cleaning the window he drilled holes for the new blind then installed it and the curtains.

They both went back to the kitchen for a lemon water. Kosmas asked Leto what patterns she purchased. One was for a skirt, blouse and hiking shorts. The other pattern was a nightgown and robe. She showed him the skirt and blouse fabric and a dark fabric for the slacks. He then saw the beautiful pale pink silky fabric for the nightgown.

“Mmmm cant wait till I see this on you.” said Kosmas

“Come into your bedroom and drape the fabric over me. Your newly installed blinds will still let in enough light.” said Leto trying to be very coy.

What an afternoon it was with sweet passionate love making. Leto fell asleep and woke up to the smell of delicious food wafting from the kitchen.
AT LAST –sung by Etta James was on low volume coming from the radio.

I was never spellbound by a starry sky
What is there to moon glow, when love has passed you by
Then there came a midnight and the world was new
Now here am I so spellbound, darling
Not by stars, but just by you
I was never spellbound by a starry sky
What is there to moon glow, when love has passed you by
Then there came a midnight and the world was new
Now here am I so spellbound, darling
Not by stars, but just by you

At last my love has come along
My lonely days are over and life is like a song
At last the skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped in clover the night I looked at you
I found a dream that I can speak to
A dream that I can call my own
I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill I’ve never known
You smiled and then the spell was cast
And here we are in Heaven
For you are mine at last

At last my love has come along
My lonely days are over and life is like a song
At last the skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped in clover the night I looked at you
I found a dream that I can speak to
A dream that I can call my own
I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill I’ve never known
You smiled and then the spell was cast
And here we are in Heaven

©Julia A Knaake

Kosmas 23

Kosmas 23

Aristotle knocked on the door of Adelpha and he heard her moving around inside. She answered the door wearing her bathrobe and night clothes.

“Aristotle you are up early. What’s going on?”

“I went down to see the goats and Galina is in labor! I thought she was too old to have a baby kid.”

“Actually she is going to have twins. The person I got her from thought she was old and stopped having baby kids. I saw her with a different view. I saw a beautiful female goat that had been very neglected. I saw her beauty in her caring for the four kids I also bought. When we brought her home and I bathed her I felt the kids in her. She is a great mother goat.”

Adelpha saw that Aristotle was quiet but looking straight at her eyes.

“What’s wrong Aristotle?” asked Adelpha softly.

“You look stunning in your night clothes. I want to hold you in my arms and hold you close, showering you with kisses.” said Aristotle.

“Well it’s about time Mister. I was beginning to think you were too shy.” said Adelpha.

Adelpha felt his manhood throbbing through her thin robe and gown. Her own nipples hardened and Aristotle saw the impressions and wanted her even more. Adelpha led him to her bedroom and undressed him. He in turn undressed her. They made tender passionate love. Adelpha wanted to stay in the bedroom all day long but she had to see if Galina needed any assistance.

Aristotle dressed quickly and made them coffee. They carried their cups down to the goat pen to see what was going on.

Galina had now given birth to two healthy kids. Aristotle opened a new bale of hay and placed it at the far end of the pen for Galina. The new kids were up and doing well. The four older kids kept their distance. Adelpha saw that Galina was doing fine on her own and suggested they go up to the house for breakfast.

She served another strong cup of coffee, a slice of Olive and Feta Bread,
a bowl of Yogurt with Honey and Walnuts and a small bowl of figs. Aristotle said grace and they dove into breakfast ravishingly eating. Adelpha and Aristotle looked at each other and burst out laughing.
“If we start out all our days like this we’re going to need a lot more nourishment.” said Adelpha.

Adelpha went down to the pen again to look at the new kids. They were all snuggled in with Galina.

Back at the house Aristotle had washed and dried the dishes, setting them on the counter. When she came in they talked then Aristotle asked if he could help her with the garden. They worked together until it was all ship shaped.

Aristotle excused himself saying he was going to go down to his apartment and make a nice lunch. He asked if Adelpha would like to join him in about thirty minutes. Adelpha told him she would love that.

“I’ll be down after I wash up from working in the garden.”

Aristotle put on his favorite radio music real low. He made a simple lunch and they both devoured it with gusto.

Adelpha looked around the apartment. “You have done wonders decorating down here. You are very artistic.” said Adelpha.

Aristotle looked into her hazel eyes and saw sea green with flecks of gold.
Aristotle took her into his arms and started dancing. They kissed and danced all the way into the bedroom. With mutual agreement they made passionate love. Falling asleep in each other’s arms they slept for a couple of hours.

Awakening they dressed then went down to see the goats. Galina had allowed the four older kids to come into the circle with her two baby kids.

Aristotle said it was so wonderful that the animal world could get along together.

“Yes, wouldn’t it be nice if humans could do the same. Do you like poetry?” asked Aristotle. He read out loud to her:

The Road Not Taken
by Robert Frost
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

©Julia A Knaake

Kosmas 22

Kosmas 22

Saalima hired Endora and a couple of her girl friends to set up the new fabric shop.
The girls worked hard and Saalima called them all together for a coffee break. While having coffee Saalima asked if they had any suggestions for the new shop.

The three younger women suggested to Saalima that there were many younger ladies that were sewing their own fashionable clothes. It seemed that Ikaria did not have many fashions for those women under the age of thirty. Most clothes were bought online and the fittings were poor or not what the picture looked like. Even the married women with children can not find suitable dresses and styles for children.

Endora said ” It is very disappointing for some of us because we look like our mothers, aunts and grandmothers. We want more color and style.”

“Well ladies I am a business woman and I am glad we had this chat. I’m thinking we might get a couple more manikins and a couple of child size ones to put in these big windows. Then we will get some modern patterns to sell. I think if we also sew modern patterns and dress the manikins that might draw in customers.

Each of you will pick fabric and pattern to fit your own self. You must like what you make. I also will make a modern looking dress or slacks and jacket pattern in my age group but with a WOW color. We will see if we wake the ladies of this village up!”

Within two weeks the new younger feminine duds were created and in the windows. Flyers were posted that the new shop was open for business. The top of the flyer boasted
“Buy yourself some new duds”.

At first business was slow. People came in to look around. They purchased buttons, thread and other bric a brack. Then the younger crowd came in some with children and some single shop girls. They went crazy with the vivid colors and different types of fabrics. Saalima was pleased that a much younger woman in her late thirties, wanted to buy her pants and jacket outfit.

Adelpha and Jocasta came into the shop looking for stretchy fabric preferably black. Saalima found a bolt way out in the stock room.

“Will one of you hold the ladder for me please? I am going to have Demetrius make us some attached rolling ladders when he has time.”
She brought the whole bolt down and asked what were they were going to do with this “girdle” material.
Adelpha and Jocasta both burst out laughing saying it was for Moraitis not them. Saalima asked why in the world would Moraitis need “girdle” material.
That caused even more laughter from the two sisters.

Finally Jocasta said very quietly that he found Leto’s book on Kama Sutra. It had pictures and he was practicing a move he wanted to show me. Yes I know I’m more adventurous than my dear Sisie Adelpha. Anyway Moraitis was practicing and hurt his back. I found him a couple of hours later at his house. I knew Leto was going down to see Kosmas that evening so Moraitis and I planned to have dinner and spend our evening together.
He was laying on the bedroom fully clothed but racking in pain. I somehow got him over to my house and had him laying in my recliner chair all night. He even ate dinner there then fell asleep after many glasses of wine.

“We do need the material to girdle his back up so he can stand up straight” said Jocasta with a grin.
Adelpha piped up “And no Hankie Pankie that night for those two!”

Saalima laughed so much tears sprung from her eyes. The shop girls came over to see what was going on.
“Oh, my Darlings, this conversation is not for your tender ears.” said Saalima.

That evening Adelpha was in her backyard painting a beautiful sunset.
The sun was like a big blue ball of fire with neon pink, neon green and violet rays with a black sky.

Aristotle made a slight noise to let her know he was in the back yard and said that was an interesting painting. “Actually it reminds me of Moraitis’s bright shirt.”
Adelpha started laughing uncontrollably.

“Why my angel are you laughing? I have been over at Moraitis’s with Kosmas helping him bind up his back. The poor old boy had such a fall. Said he slipped over a book and fell. I wonder how that happened?”

Adelpha started laughing uncontrollably again. Mumbling over and over not over the book but in the book.

Adelpha took Aristotle by the hand and softly kissed him saying” I do love you just the way you are my thinking man. Please, Please do not ever change from my thinking man.
Let’s go inside and bring our dinner out and enjoy the real sunset.

©Julia A Knaake

Kosmas 21

Kosmas 21

Aristotle was over at Moraitis’ house having been invited for breakfast. He was looking

at the local rental ads when Jocasta and Adelpha entered the backyard. Moraitis asked him

if he found anything suitable.

“No not really. I could have just stayed where I was after Demetrius moved out but it was pretty big for one person. I do not have a lot of furniture and I am quiet. I do enjoy my music but I am considerate of others. The apartments are all younger people and noisy to me. I should have bought a small house but I would still be all alone. I will find a rental.”

Jocasta looked at her sister Adelpha. Making some sign language waving her hands and winking her eyes at Adelpha.

The men just looked at her with amazement. Then they looked at each other with mouths agape.

Adelpha seeing them burst out laughing.

“My sister is trying to be discreet but it is not working. She knows how prim and proper I act in general so she did not come right out and say what she was thinking.”

Kosmas said “We are all confused. I’m ready to go inside and get Leto out here to help us decipher everything.”

“My sister wants me to rent the downstairs to Aristotle. I had the men close the door off to the upstairs for the very reason I would someday rent it out. The stairs to the inside and outdoors are suitable enough for me. I do not need to go through the downstairs to get to my living spaces.

The garage has two separate spots for vehicles. The way up to my home is still intact the way I receive guests.

Whoever rents the downstairs has their own entrance door.”

“Perhaps Aristotle could go view it after breakfast. If it is rented by you then we all have trucks to move you.” said Kosmas.

After a couple of hours of wonderful food and conversation Adelpha asked Aristotle if he would like to see the downstairs apartment.

“There is a small stove and refrigerator down there. There is also a full bathroom. The floors are wood so I could have it carpeted if you like.

If you would like to use my grill upstairs you could or a small one would fit downstairs on the garage side.

There is not a lot of garden room so if you wish to pull out the flowers you could use that space for a vegetable garden. We could work that out very easily.”

They went to Adelpha’s and looked at the apartment. Aristotle asked if he could paint the walls and would his music bother her.

“ Yes of course you can decorate as you like. Music does not bother me unless it is blaring loud.

I think we will be in a compatible arrangement. I am pretty quiet, upstairs

and outside I will be painting, gardening or tending my dear goats.”

Over the next week Aristotle had painted the rooms the colors he loved.

His bedroom all the blues of the sea swirling artistically around the room.

His little kitchen and dining area are bold red and black.

The Living room is sunny yellow and golden orange. A few area rugs were scattered around the rooms.

His bedroom had a big fluffy cloud white rug to keep his feet warm when he got out of bed.

He had minimal furniture and it was all exquisite antique pieces.

A simple piece of stained glass hung on the window facing the street. It was fashioned like a giant red poppy.

Adelpha and Jocasta came to view the apartment. They both were very pleased at the transformation.

“Better watch out for Aristotle, it’s so lovely in here my sister will raise the rent.” said Jocasta.

Adelpha said “No I will not. Don’t you listen to my sister.

She’s madly in love with your furniture.”

That evening, down in his apartment, Aristotle read for a while.

The Angel
I dreamt a dream! What can it mean?
And that I was a maiden Queen
Guarded by an Angel mild:
Witless woe was ne’er beguiled!
And I wept both night and day,
And he wiped my tears away;
And I wept both day and night,
And hid from him my heart’s delight.
So he took his wings, and fled;
Then the morn blushed rosy red.
I dried my tears, and armed my fears
With ten-thousand shields and spears.
Soon my Angel came again;
I was armed, he came in vain;
For the time of youth was fled,
And grey hairs were on my head.
By William Blake

He had his radio on low listening
to Heavenly Music – Angelic Music by Mozart. Soon he was fast asleep dreaming of how lucky

he was to be sleeping under the same roof as his angel Adelpha.

©Julia A Knaake

Kosmas 20

Kosmas 20
Kosmas was busy writing again. Leto had come down and stayed overnight.
They had made wild passionate love all night long. That had stirred up the creative
wild writing juices in Kosmas again. The two of them had been so involved with
friends for weeks and had no time for themselves.
“I told Papa I was coming down to stay the night and he said good I’ll invite Jocasta
to stay overnight. We could play cards or games.
I told him to go ahead I’m sure I know what games you two will play.”
Kosmas told her Jocasta and her Papa were still lovers but with
a bit of gray hair and wrinkles.
“I was up early writing again. You inspire me my dear.”
Leto read the poems while Kosmas prepared breakfast coffee.

The Happy Dreamers
Vagabonds and Gypsies
Here we are and there we go
Staying only a few days,
Weeks, months or years
Wanting Our Own Home

Sometimes living out of suitcase
No place to hang our hats
Belongings not currently needed
Still wrapped in heavy boxes and tape
Wanting Our Own Home

Photos boxed or haphazardly hung
Often only the basics were used
Our abodes look sparse
Multi use items are used
Wanting Our Own Home

Rice cooker cooks a full meal
Even boiling eggs or potatoes
Crock pot can make a cake
As well the stews and soup
Wanting Our Own Home

Color matched clothes
You learn to live with less
Laundered once a week
How long you stay not known
Wanting Our Own Home

It’s called the vacation mode
You learn to live meager
Less is best is often said
Almost as someone on the run
Wanting Our Own Home

Weeks and months hunting
Sifting through properties
Making your mind swirl
Your eyes a wild red
Wanting Our Own Home

When will it end
This waiting to nest
Putting down roots
Opening our boxes
Wanting Our Own Home

Eureka ! Found a perfect
Place to hang our hats
Inspections needed
While we hopefully wait
Wanting Our Own Home

We are all packed
Waiting for the call
Being as patient as able
Holding breath biting nails
Wanting Our Own Home

Home is where the heart
Belongs with happiness
Love and harmony
Will live together
Wanting Our Own Home

Patience is Indeed
A virtue of waiting
Overcoming obstacles
Finally we are there
Happy In Our Own Home

be safe my friend
on your journey
through your new
adventures in life
making sure you have
time off to renew
your minds thoughts
you will sense your
transformation with
new words on return

Holding my Apple
Sitting on a stump
What can I do with
the fresh apple
If I bite into
the crisp flesh
juice will run
down my lips
and on my chin
I will wipe
those juices onto
my hands then
my dress or apron
I could chop the apple
into many small pieces
leaving on the skin
for delicious color
adding some raisins
dry cranberries
and walnuts for
a sweet crunch
If I go indoors
it could be cored
on the top half
then filled with raisins
and brown sugar
Yummy baked
If I really wanted
to stretch this apple
I could chop
then add maple syrup
just a Tablespoon
Make a pie crust
then divide by four
and wrap the
Apple Dumplings
I would share

Wondrous Blue veins
Blue veins
Straight across
Always running
Light and deep
The blues run
Through white
Cream or yellow
What’s one to do
Not enough time
To sample all
Tastes will vary
Strong to light
Colors are beautiful
Those wonderful blues
Bleu Bénédictin
Bleu d’Auvergne
Bleu de Bresse
Bleu de Gex
Bleu des Causses
Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage
Blue Cheshire
Brighton Blue
Buxton Blue
Others are named
Carré d’Aurillac
Cherni Vit
Clemson Blue Cheese
I chanced to savor
Stilton cheese
Maytag Blue cheese
On my wish list
Would be to try
Dragon’s Breath Blue
Intriguing label
Yearning to taste.

Full Circle
Fiery Autumn Leaves
Twirling around
Spinning haphazardly
freely falling everywhere
The magical beauty
Metallic gold
Deep crimson red
Signals of decay
Pale whitish tan
Deepest russet
Ragged near black
Bringing death
Torrents of rain
Deepest snow
Packed frost
The circle of Spring
tiny shoots of green
Warmth from the sun
Enters rebirth; a new life

We are us
Together we will survive
You are my inspiration
Together we stay alive
I am your inspiration
Life is our journey
You are entirely mine
We are a journey of life
I am entirely yours
Our meeting was fate
We chose to be friends
We chose forever lovers
You and I ~ We are us
©Julia A Knaake